GamersTemple: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe review


"The online multiplayer portion of the game is rather nice in its setup. You have your standard Ranked Match and Player Match but there is also a Chat Room option where you can enter a room that has been setup and talk to other users with a keyboard
through the chatboard on the right side of the room. All users in the room will be displayed on the left side and you can challenge any of the users that are already not engaged in a battle if they accept your challenge. The right side of the screen sometimes displays a certain user that has just recently won a match and it also displays if a user has a certain number of wins in a row. The Chat Room option provides some quick competitive play without having to watch matches or constantly enter and exit a lobby. It's quite nice. The overall online play has a few lag issues every now and then like other fighters but it usually played smooth for me; the lag issues are much like Soul Calibur's online play where a person below a certain ping will result in a lagged match.

The combat system, oh, excuse me, "kombat system" in MK vs DC is very fun and I have a feeling that fans of the 2-D MKs will find something to enjoy here. It mixes in the same feel that Mortal Kombat 3 had with its focus on juggling while maintaining an overall 3-D feel much like in the more recent MKs. Even though the trademark violence has been toned down from this MK it still has just about all the same content that an MK fan would expect. The DC characters provide a breath of fresh air from the usual MK characters and they all play unique in their own way. If you're an MK fan and you're not worried about the lack of extreme violent content then give this one a shot and you'll most likely enjoy it like I did."

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