Daily Mail review: Left 4 Dead

Daily Mail: The world marvelled this month at the story of a real-life husband being divorced for his indiscretions in a virtual universe.

This week, my attention is drawn to a game which relies more on online relationships than anything else.

That it is a frenetic zombie bloodbath may come as some surprise but, as the corpse count hits the hundreds, it becomes clear that this is as much about intelligent co-operation as it is about aerating the flesh of the undead.

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Tony999Montana3520d ago

Daily Mail is the least trustworthy review source ever in my opinion. But Left 4 Dead is a great game. I wish Valve would stop being babies and release their games on PS3 too.

shadowghost7523520d ago

i think that there are worse review sites out there from the perspcetive that they are complete fanboys and are biased against a particular console

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