Neocrisis - Killzone 2: VC-32 Sniper Rifle

Neocrisis - The VC32 Sniper Rifle is a bolt action rifle that requires to be cocked after each shot to reload a single bullet out of its six round magazine.

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smurfie43518d ago

I like this weapon but my favorite is the battle rifle. Kind of reminds me of the garand.

crillyconlig3518d ago

i love the way you have to control this gun in the game, and the reload animation is lovly to watch

jwatt3518d ago

I was just watching scout videos and I just figured out why the screen turns blue.

socomnick3518d ago

Another hour another pointless neocrisis story.

really randumb3518d ago

why? because killzone2 is a ps exclusive?

socomnick3518d ago

No neocrisis is always posting dumb stories, and stealing stories I wonder who approves them.

buy a ps33518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

their better not be any reviewers saying that Killzone 2 has no original thought. i mean it is incredible that they came up sweet guns like this. but they will look strait throw it.

socomnick3518d ago

that gun is actually not original at all, non of the killzone guns are lol. Heres this gun

and heres the main human gun

and the helghast gun

Killzone has little to no originality, all of their guns, and even outfits are stolen from other areas, the only good thing they have is graphics thats it.

buy a ps33518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

really? the only similarities between them is the fact they are both guns and they both have scopes... LOL I believe you are only seeing what you want to see.

socomnick3518d ago

Yes in fact if you give me a kill zone gun , a picture of one I can tell you from where Guerrilla stole it from. I can give you the real life version of the gun, I might also be able to tell you what kind of armor the soldiers are wearing.

By the way dont you think the new helghast look a little too similar to Spartans ?

buy a ps33518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

By the way dont you think the new helghast look a little too similar to Spartans ?

maybe they were inspired by the spartans but they took the idea and made it their own.

AshleyRiot3518d ago

They look more inspired by the Jin-Roh anime then spartans. But spartans look like The Meccs from Giants:Citizen Kabuto just bigger.

BLuKhaos3518d ago

Yes because Halo didn't steal any of it's gun designs from other guns

tk3518d ago

How about GT5:P? There is no original content. All are from existing cars. It is a copy of the real worlds item. Nothing original there.

Come on you twit. Having 50 guns from the 1950 period - with games being in other games does not make a game's content a copy. If that is your reasoning then since Space Invaders - no shooter was original.

Bathyj3518d ago

Spartans look more like Power Rangers than Helghast look like Spartans.

Oh, and congratulations on being able to google stuff, you're very talented.

socomnick3517d ago

Im still offering to match up any of the killzone 2 guns, to show you guys how blatant ripoffs they are.

heres the shotgun from kz 2.

BLuKhaos3516d ago

heres the shotgun form halo and the gun it was ripped off from.

heres the sniper from Halo and the Barret M82A.

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D-Throne3518d ago

Gun looks like something we can actually develop! xD

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