Neocrisis: New Killzone 2 Video

Neocrisis: Video shows the saboteur in Killzone 2.

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XXXCouture3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

man i cant wait for 2009. Killzone 2, Infamous, Alan Wake, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII Versus, Halo: ODST, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo, Bioshock 2, Resident Evil 5, L.A. Noire, M.A.G And many more!

Can you feel the excitement my fellow gamers?

oh yeh i forgot Versus is from square-enix -_- probably '10 release

ultimolu3429d ago

Dammit, another empty purse again. ._.

DixieNormS3429d ago

give me something different to look at. I'm tired of the same map over and over.

Shakyhand3429d ago

Agree with you there, I'm getting tired of these off screen beta videos that sites seem to be putting up just to get hits. Give us some official or unofficial new direct feed videos, preferably of the single player mode.

shadowghost7523429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

the NDA for the single player of KZ2 ends december 4th so wait until then to hear more

Spike473429d ago

it would be nice to see a different map.

nos4speed3429d ago

OMG amazing, sound, graphics, animations everything is just so god dam amazing!

hardcorehippiez3429d ago

but the lighting can still be appreciated i suppose. cant wait for this game, hopefully r2 will last me till this game comes out.

socomnick3429d ago

dont approve neocrisis stories, he just steals stories from other places like gamesradar.

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