N-Europe: WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 (Wii Review)

N-Europe's Franklin Hughes writes:

"The only down side to the story mode is of course the limited choice in characters. This is where the Career Mode comes in allowing you to pick any character from the roaster or your own created wrestler (CAW). Chances are you'll be using your CAW's here as it is the only way to alter stats. More on that later. The other difference between this and Road to Wreslemania is there is no story line involved. You pick your character and are thrown into the Intercontinental Title race and given a choice between four wrestlers for who you want to fight. At the end of each fight you are rated on your performance and awarded stars between one to five. In order to challenge for the title you must earn the set number of stars (usually 15) by fighting the four wrestlers your presented with. Achieve that and you must then fight one of the same four (your choice) in a number one contenders match under a special condition (eg: Cage match), win that and you get your title shot. Win the title and you unlock two more title paths, choose one and repeat. For Tag titles you choose your partner from one of the people you've already beat in previous title paths."

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