NY Times: Video Game Holiday Guide

The NY Times created a Video Game List for nongamers to use as a Holiday guide . A video game can be a great Holiday gift but how does the nongamer select that perfect video game for family or friends.

Bad gift-giving usually stems from one basic misconception: video games are for children. On the contrary, the average gamer is about 30 now (NES days). In fact, the first generation to grow up playing games is now around 40 (Atari days). Therefore, your 30-year-old boyfriend is not going to be impressed when you show up with the latest Pokémon. The NY Times suggests the following: GTAIV, SID MEIER'S CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION, WOW, Wii Fit, Little Big Planet, Dead Space, Fallout 3, PROFESSOR LAYTON AND THE CURIOUS VILLAGE, Gears of War 2, & Fable II.

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MIA3459d ago

I am just going to send this article to all my non-gamer freinds, yes, including the the love of my life =)