European store GAME may be offering "Buy now, Pay later" option for PS3

This is definitely on the better side of Sony news -- especially for those gamers in Europe strapped for cash! Well, sort of. Pay special note to the "may be offering" part of the subject. This hasn't been confirmed officially by Sony or by European store GAME (the biggest UK gaming store chain), but a Sony rep did say: "that the GAME group and Sony were planning to offer interest free credit on the console, allowing gamers to pay off the cost of their PS3 for just a few pounds a month over a year."

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MaximusPrime4332d ago

excellent news to hear! If there are different option to pay, i will be willing to pay £150 for next 3/4 months (+ no interests)

CAPS LOCK4332d ago

i bet you pay more, there has to be a catch.

Kastrol4332d ago

HMV are offering 4gb psp and ps3 for over £600
i there wiil be a lot of bs expensive packages

So thats why there offering payment plans i mean come on payment
plans for a console a fricking console not a house

DC RID3R4332d ago

20gb sku over europe?

£325 sounds MUCh better than £425 imo. plus the hdd can always be upgraded whenever's necessary.