1UP: Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Review

For all of the differences Disney and Square Enix must have while developing their Final Fantasy/Mickey Mouse mashup franchise, at least they can agree on something: Rereleases are so much easier than sequels. Thus, instead of a proper sequel (hell, even the two new portable Kingdom Hearts titles coming out next year aren't true sequels), gamers get Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories -- a 3D remake of a Game Boy Advance game from 2004. But even when faced with a simple retread, 1UP admits it: They're a total sucker for anything Kingdom Hearts. So while their mind says, "You're an idiot for replaying a 5-year-old game," their heart says, "You're an idiot for drooling over yet another game that combines Final Fantasy and Disney together, but, hey, that's why I love you, you big goof."

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White-Sharingan3433d ago


major KH fan and i'll be picking this up along Prince of Persia

ahh how good to have a launch 60gb PS3 =]

baum3433d ago

KH used to be a top notch quality series. It seems that Square is indeed turning into old EA =(

Montrealien3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

yeah, I hear ya! EA would always milk their franchises, Dr J vs Larry Bird, Jordan vs Bird, Bulls vs Blazers, I mean, how many VS's can there be? I'm so happy the OLD EA is gone, Amazing software was such a franchise milking dev. What's happened square? you are such like the OLD EA now!! Or wait, are you talking about the OLD ea that had all their games published and marketed in Asia by the OLD (Good) square soft? I'm confused...


In other news, average internet Joe says its sad to have a game with an average score! May you not fin enjoyement, in an average game, that would just be...sad and average....

TheDude2dot03433d ago

This is stupid anyway because this game came out a year or two ago.

And the review itself is stupid because changing around the engine of a game would ruin the point of it being a release. Also, that would piss off the huge KH Fanboys that would buy this game even though it's Japanese.

baum3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

This game came out a long time ago, not just a year ago. The score reflects how much it has aged even after the graphical revamp. Why couldn't they add more content? More game modes or features or whatever? Square only wanted a quick cash-in, plain and simple. I'm not saying the game is bad, I'm saying that Square's only hope is quick cash-ins, they can't even offer something significantly better for a re-make as doing so would imply more investment and hit their bottomline. That's a lot like old EA, quick cash-ins with very little investment, unlike now since they're pushing out a lot of new IP.

By the way, Montrealien, if I'm an "average internet joe", are you a "way below average internet joe"? You know, considering you usually like to write about things you don't know about, let alone understand. Remember how you were owned when you were talking about "sampling", a subject you clearly know nothing about? Yeah, it's probably safe to assume you do the same about pretty much every subject as long as you can get away with it.


More of your bullsh1t:

"I'm so happy the OLD EA is gone, Amazing software was such a franchise milking dev."

Talk about making some sense. I could write better sentences with my d1ck.


"What's happened square? you are such like the OLD EA now!! Or wait, are you talking about the OLD ea that had all their games published and marketed in Asia by the OLD (Good) square soft?"

Wait... is that supposed to be a rebuttal?


"I'm confused... "

Indeed you are.


Go school yourself a little. You know, learn the definitions of common sense, relevance, implication, and sentence construction. Welcome to my iggy list, dropout.




Homicide3433d ago

I'm pretty bummed out that they didn't release Final Mix here.

TheDude2dot03433d ago

This is a REMAKE that means they take an old game and put it on a newer (or at least a different) gaming thing. Final Mix for KH1 and KH2 had added content because they were director's cuts. The purpose of a remake is to allow those to have a chance at playing something they weren't able to before.

JoySticksFTW3433d ago

Dude, I hope you're talking about typing.

Using a pen or pencil like that could hurt D:

Montrealien3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

lol, look who got his panties in a bunch. The point was to not make sense, like you...

oh, and by the way, Amazing software was EA's old name, the real old EA , from before you where born. Didn't know that?

/on topic

This game looks fine, it's a 3D ramake of a game I'm sure some people didn't get a chance to play. It may be average, but some people should enjoy it, there is no need for you to insult those people, incuding myslef, it's a videagame.

The fact that you come here and say..

"It seems that Square is indeed turning into old EA =("

makes no sense.

EA has had it's ups and owns and they span almost 30 years, the old EA to you is what? 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 20 years ago? I bet your old EA is the same EA that was working with your good old Square Soft?

Rebutal all you want oh great writting master.

P.S. This sampling argument you are refering to, what account where you using when that happened? I get confused sometimes, you have so many.

TheDude2dot03433d ago

I'm sure he just looked at the score and then made his comment. He didn't even bother with reading the article.

baum3433d ago

I remember well when you were trying to correct some guy that questioned the vality of a study regarding console preferences. You talked about how sample sizes don't need to be bigger than that and that the study is completely accurate. Afterwards, some guy who happened to know a lot about sampling actually came out with much wiser words and showed how you were talking out of your ass.

It doesn't have to be me, you act as if nobody can remember how you've lost arguments before, but oh well, think what you want if it makes you feel better. The point is, if you've done it before, you'll just keep doing it as long as you don't get caught. That's why I don't believe anything you say unless it's verifiable.

Anyway, evidently when I'm talking about Old EA, I'm not talking about "Awesome games", otherwise I wouldn't be talking about EA now, would I? EA is EA, Awesome games is awesome games. That's like saying Free Radical is Old Rare, when it's not. Old Rare is the Rare of old, period. And when I say Old EA, I clearly mean, if you knew something about context, the EA that isn't as innovative as today's EA. Every gamer knows EA was milking their franchises to dead as opposed to today.

It's irrelevant if it was the EA of 1994 or the EA of 2001, the context clearly indicates I'm talking about the EA of rehashes and not the EA of new IP and quality which is today's EA as shown by Boom Blox, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Spore, and Crysis just to name a few, unlike Square whose most successful games (in terms of sales) as of late are FFIII remake, FFIV remake, Chrono DS port, FFVII spin-off on PSP, and DQ5 remake. Even FF7 Dirge of Cerberus did well for being such a crappy game.

Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery and Project Sylpheed are all critical and sales flops. Remakes, ports and spin-offs can hardly be called critically acclaimed unless you refer to the originals, as is the case for this KH. Who even claimed a "critically average" can't be enjoyed? It's simply sad to see the state of Square-Enix, once a great house for the best JRPGs and now full of mediocrity. I don't expect much from Star Ocean 4, Star Ocean PSP, FFXIII, FF Versus, DQX (or DQ IX for that matter) and KH3, even if they're relatively enjoyable.

And by the way, it's "rebuttal" (with a double t), not "rebutal".

Montrealien3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

hmmm, so, how many accounts do you have here now? Must suck to have to switch accounts just to talk in the gamer zone. I didnt think it was you, I asked witch account you where on back then, you seem to recall my activities here, it is easy since I only have one account. I am flattered, or is it Flatherd? whatever, I'm french , at least I try.

And does proper gramer get you wet? I hope my misspeling gives u a headach.

The fact that you care so much about being right, or reminding people they have been wrong in the past shows what kind of person you are. My original comment on this thread was useless, just like yours. You don't like Square games, think they have gone bad? move along, people will enjoy this game wheter your high horse ridding ass thinks otherwise. btw, B- is a fine score, and if you actually read the review instead of just throwing a stupid judgmental comment, you would know that. You act like you know alot, but you lack little soul. Chill on the hating maybe? enjoying the gaming?

Jinxstar3432d ago

I agree. I however like old and new EA. From the old EA BIG to the new Dead Space/Mirrors edge/Warhammer game I'm content that they aren't being as cheap as I thought they would...

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Mr Fancy Pants3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

Kingdom Hearts' so cool! too bad S-E is developing so much spin-offs of the game and for multiple consoles making it very difficult to play them all...

BTW this chain of memory remake comes with the first KH game? because I lost the first game.

ZackFair3433d ago

Of course it's not going to be top-notch.

Luckily Square's main teams (I.E the talented ones) are focusing on the titles that matter.

Which is why FFXIII, Versus XIII and KHIII will still be amazing.

White-Sharingan3433d ago

thats what people dont get

this game was suppose to be a bonus game with KKH Final Mix+

thats why it isnt a $50 game :\

so for a $30 remake (and a remake of a GBA game) this is a good score

btw I thought the dev team that created KH was only making Versus XIII

TIKUP3433d ago

I just cant wait for kngdom hearts 3(whens it coming out) and is kh3 a ps3 exclusive beaucse thats what i heard??

militant073433d ago

i dont think square enix going for exlusive.
since multiplatforme make more money and dovlopming on 360 dosnt cost too much

Awesome Possum3433d ago

It could be an exclusive. Just look at ff13versus and star ocean which are both exclusives.

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