Celebrity Avatars - How many can you name?

Console Monster look at some celebrity avatars.

"Avatars are great aren't they. They are so great that, using the creation tool, some people have managed to make celeb style avatars. See how many celebs you recognise below."

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OMGLOLZ3489d ago

I have a WAY easier time naming celebrity Mii's, this is just impossible...

I guess Bill Gates, then Will Smith.

That's as far as I got.

IzKyD13313489d ago

number 2 looks like Kanye West to me

Bnet3433489d ago

1. Harry Potter
2. Will Smith
3. Fabio Capello
4. Sean Connery
5. Noel Edmonds
6. Margaret Thatcher
7. X Factor Judges

dvx uk3488d ago

I can see the resemblence, but I think it's supposed to be Will Smith.

mintaro3489d ago

The last one is either Simon or Mel Gibson.

Close_Second3489d ago

...spend a lot of time dressing up their avatar?

I like the fact that MS is trying to appeal to the casual gamer but did they really have to make their avatars look like someone gay had mated with a lego figurine?

really randumb3489d ago

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