Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong for Nokia Cell Phones


"Today's Watercooler features Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with his nunchucks. Yeah, you read that right.

So it turns out that it's fairly fake (presumably) and is just a cool advertisement for a Bruce Lee-branded Nokia phone. I'm not entirely sure what all it says since it's not in English, but I'm hoping the default ringtone is a Bruce Lee "whaaa-zaaaa!!!""

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Twizlex3461d ago

This is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen.

Cookigaki3461d ago

Daniel-san? Is that really you?

Dan Landis3461d ago

Of course it's me. My name is right there and names don't lie.

Twizlex3461d ago

Shut up, fake Dan Landis. I'm glad you seem to be supportive, but I think if Dan Landis was on N4G he wouldn't just use his name, and if he did, he would probably have an avatar by now and would have signed up more than 2 weeks ago. Just sayin'.

Cookigaki3461d ago

Does that mean Brian Crescente and Bill Gates aren't really Brian Crescente and Bill Gates?

Dan Landis3461d ago

Of course they are. Why would you want to be someone else?

Twizlex3461d ago

LOL, I guess that's pretty sound logic.

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mirroredderorrim3461d ago

He beat the sh*t out of his opponent using nunchuks. LOL!

Timesplitter143461d ago

Deep inside of me, there is a little child that hopes this is not a fake

thewhoopimen3461d ago

Deep inside you'd be right, cuz you know if bruce lee wanted it, he probably could have.

Itrguy0013461d ago

Bruce Bruce Bruce Lee Lee Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! owned his opponents

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The story is too old to be commented.