Eurogamer: Far Cry 2 - PS3 vs 360 Comparison video

Take a closer look at how the Dunia engine performs on PS3 and 360.

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xhi43495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I didn't realise how badly those graphics compare.

Those visuals look NOTHING like the Far Cry 2 graphics I've got on my XPS with DUAL Geforce GTX 280 SLI video cards, seriously that's shocking!

Play the PC version on maximum and then look at these graphics........the console version no offence look like trash on both versions compared with maximum on PC.

I had no!

Equinoxe_73495d ago

Hmm, strange...

Even though I own a PS3, I think the graphic card in Xbox360 is a bit stronger.

shine13963495d ago

in some of the scenes I thought the x360 was mildly better, but in others I thought ps3 was better. when it was mid range normal, I thought the 360 had slightlly higher def, but in the close up, the ps3 one had less jags, looker a lot sharper without degrading the picture.

brodels3495d ago

i don't know what you guys are seeing but the ps3 looks better IMO. less jaggies and the explosion effect was better. not to mention the shading is weird on the 360 version, but someone said that's due to the video being in slowmo? in any case, that's just what i'm seeing. but i'm sure the pc version looks amazing if you got a good enough gaming rig

thor3495d ago

PC graphics >>>>>>> console graphics. Always.
Whilst a console version of a game might suffer from framerate problems or pop-in, on PC you can adjust settings/upgrade in order to alleviate these problems.
PC games often support more players online and get free added content, especially in the form of mods. Take COD4 for example; it supports over 50 players online and we got the map pack for free.

The main disadvantage of PC gaming is that it costs an awful lot.

The Killer3495d ago

yes but thats if u have the latest PC specs, and very few people upgrade their pc's every year, besides there is one or 2 things about pc gaming i dont like

1: the controls(its only good for shooting or strategy games)

2: the texture always have sharp edges while consoles have smoother edges than pc games and that a fact!

SeNiLe9113495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I have it and it looks just the same as the video is showing. At first I thought it might have been the art direction they where going but later I found out it wasn't the case with the PS3 version.

The game is good either way and I won't say either is better since they both have their plus and minuses.

I am sure both have the same irritations when clearing a base of enemy's, leave, come back a minute later and the enemy's have re-spawned again. I can't stand that!!!

gameraxis3495d ago

please trust i'm not a fanboy, i don't know what version is better... but when i'm playing FC2 on my ps3 sandbags and cars (and everything else) DOES NOT look that motion blurred or blurry in general, i'm calling tom foolery right off the bat here!

thor3495d ago

No textures do not have "sharper edges" on PC games, unless by that you mean the textures are higher res and look better.

If the flaws in the game's textures are more apparent on PC then that's because you're viewing it at a higher resolution than the consoles (typical console resolution is 720p which PCs were doing over 10 years ago).

You can tweak (if you want) the PC version's settings to look almost identical to the console version. Lower the resolution, lower the texture resolution so they don't have "sharp edges" as you put it.

I agree with you about the controls - for many types of game the keyboard/mouse setup just doesn't work that well. It's the keyboard that lets it down though, and of course, you can always buy a controller for PC.

DaTruth3495d ago

Does anyone's PS3 version look like that; I know mine doesn't look that blurry. They must have changed the settings to force 480p.

theEnemy3494d ago

consoles doesn't require a good processor, ram, and videocard to get good - great framerates and graphics.

Most high rated games are very beautiful.

MGS4 looks astounding and in close textures it's kinda similar to Crysis on Max settings, but ofcourse Crysis is still the most beautiful and demanding game.

Not to mention it's on a $400 console with a video card a bit less powerful than the 360.

Oh well, as for Far Cry 2, I got a bit dizzy when using the sprint. The motion blur effect or whatever is a bad addition IMO. :D

buy a ps33494d ago

the graphics cards have nothing to do with this. devs that make games for both consoles still are having allot of trouble making games for the cell processor. if you just take a look at any MGS4 video or Killzone 2 video you will notice that devs that know how to use the cell can make the 360s graphics card look like trash.

Sergeant Osiris3494d ago

video comparisons from eurogaymer are no better than the trolls you find on n4g, full of distortions, agendas and fanboyism.

ind13494d ago

@The Killer,

PC controls are only good for shooting and stradegy games?

Well, for starters, the majority of the games that are played on these consoles are shooting games. Secondly, have you ever played an RPG with a mouse and keyboard? Take WoW for example, you may have 20-30 skills - How on earth are you going to do that with a controller?

But regardless, you can use an Xbox 360 controller or even a PS3 controller on a PC anyway.

And don't try and come here with some "facts" when in fact they're just made up garbage.

theEnemy3494d ago

Buubuhbuhbut teh Cell! :D

I wonder where are those idiots that said that lines now.

yesah3494d ago

obviously the best graphics would be on the Wii.

Bolts3494d ago

The console version looks like crap, what a shocker! Even more of a shocker, Farcry was designed to be a console game from the ground up. Now you see why there isn't a Crysis port for the console.

bushfan3493d ago

in both 360 and ps3!!!

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THC CELL3495d ago

ps3 looks fine with no errors but if u look close at xbox u see missing pixels when showing on the computer focus on the xbox side
also if u look a more closer xbox looks like a cartoon in some parts

air13495d ago

omg, so i been playing a cartoon this whole time?!

i noticed clearer texture on the 360 side ps3 looked a little fuzzy.

The Killer3495d ago

who cares which one is a little bit better? u cant realize it if u dont have both versions running side by side, but it matter if one version is broken and full of bugs or not!!

normally ps3 version should be better since its more powerful but that also depends on the devs and which they choose as a lead console for their game!!

if the game is one disk then it sucks, this gen should be about 15GB and plus for any next gen game!! anything under us just a last gen game with improvements

pwnsause3495d ago

"omg, so i been playing a cartoon this whole time?!"

well you do seem to like Power Ranger Games

sak5003495d ago


"normally ps3 version should be better since its more powerful but that also depends on the devs and which they choose as a lead console for their game"

Ah you came up with it yourself or did ken told you when you were riding his bicycle? YOur fking ps3 is the weakest console this gen even wii beats it with innovation and availability of games. PS3rd will flop and remain third this gen. Keep jerking off thinking its Teh most powerful console but in reality it sucks donkey's a$$.

snakeater33494d ago

weakest console ? yeah right it makes you sleep better at night kiddo
btw have a good long look at killzone 2 and repeat what u just said .
btw the 360 is also good, im not dissing any console like the fanboy you are.

Midnightshade693494d ago

Look at the shadows on the man and his shirt and background on 1:58, the ps3 version has silky smooth shadows, the 360 version has lines going across them and looks dirty and messed up, almost like texture artifacts. The 360 looks sharper in parts, but it has more Aliasing and the ps3 version has better anti-aliaising, which is strange as usually the 360 has better AA but not here. I am a ps3 owner but got the pc version, and will tell you the ps3 version's shadows look more like the pc versions shadows...

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THC CELL3495d ago

we are on about consoles u pc whore

Qdog3495d ago

On Topic, I think it's a very short hair of difference, which is good considering that the Dunia engine was originally optimized for the pc. Did anyone else notice the dithering effect, going on in the shadows on the 360 version? The draw is probably whichever controller you prefer.

thewhoopimen3495d ago

I found those mosiac lines on the 360 rather annoying. A cheesecloth effect instead of real shadows. I was wondering about that too. Ps3 wins on the shadowing for sure.

Qdog3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

For anyone that is interested, I'll take some pics of Farcy 2 running on my PS3. Who prefers a 1080p picture to 720p pics, or vice versa? I'll post them on my photo bucket.

Sergeant Osiris3494d ago

of the machine gun in the 360 version, it has this really weird matrix effect, almost likes it's failing to fill those pixels in time with the framerate.

Statix3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Far Cry 2 is a PC lead-developed title, so obviously it would look and perform better on that particular platform. I don't think anyone would argue that the multiplatform FC2 is any indicator of the true capabilities and strengths of the PS3 in the same way that an exclusive, 1st-party title would be.

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UziSuicide3495d ago

Are the 360's shadows on FC2 really cross hatched like that?

hoolesy3495d ago

Firstly, guys this video is in slo mo, hence the framerate, I've got Far Cry 2 on the 360 and the framerate seems great to me, even with massive bush fires and explosions.

Secondly, I've seen both versions and the colours and crispness on the 360 seems a lot better. BUT the cross hatching shadow DOES exist and oh my god what a bizarre awful distraction. It doesn't seem apparent on the PS3. So, 360, much crisper but the result is a cross hatching shadow ballsup. Don't get me wrong I love this game, you can end up on it for hours but equally go back to it now and then if you wish. Great on either platforms, dont me put off, but they DO need to patch this crazy shadow weirdness, it's "unnatural"!

thereapersson3495d ago

So it's not just me that noticed the bad shadowing effects. The 360 version is a technically adept port, so it doesn't make sense.

digger183495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

hoolesy, I do agree on the crispness in the 360 version, but don't you find that the bright colours on most 360 versions of games always look unnatural, almost cartoon like.

This game should look and run better on the 360, because its basically a cut down PC.

Equinoxe_73495d ago

I will buy a new PC, when this one crash, it´s from 2005, an oldie, but stable, and that's what I like.