The Bender - Episode 022 - The 12 Minute Workout

Yes, it's another lonely man episode of The Bender. With everybody else giving thanks on this weekend eating and watching football, Mike goes at it by himself (that sounded funny). 12 minutes of video game news and lots of "ummms" .. let us all pray that Allison and James make a speedy return. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

*Gamasutra's VGXPO Sunday Write up

*Super Secret Binge Gamer Forums

*The truth about the NXE Hard Drive Install Chart

*PS3 version of Destroy All Humans destroyed in North America

*SOCOM says screw you to Europe

*Monster Games has been working on a Nintendo title for two years

*Xbox 360 shipping with 256mb on board memory

*Midway stocks drop

*Capcom stocks at all time high

*Binge Gamer @ VGXPO Videos are up on YouTube!

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