Console Monster: Lips Review

Console Monster writes: "I am a rather dedicated gamer, in the sense that I play a crazy amount of games each and every week. In the past I have faint memories of playing karaoke games, but such memories are quickly replaced by gaps of nothingness in my deep and drunk subconscious. Sitting with a glittery microphone in my hand, as sober as the pope, I feel confident to admit that this is my 'nerdiest' gaming moment (yes, I don't do table top war games... yet).

Of course this is Lips, the direct competition of the more familiar and well known SingStar, found on the PlayStation 3. Lips is a karaoke game developed by iNiS for the Xbox 360 with an emphasis on the fancy new feature of motion-sensitive microphone control. Oh, and not to forget that they have flashing lights on them!..."

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