No monthly fee but in-game ads for Agency

Talk Playstation writes:"SOE let slip in an interview that gamers of the upcoming game The Agency can expect micro-transactions and in-game ads instead of monthly payment schemes."

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JuJuRMJ3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

Cool, no monthly fee and it won't be a distraction seeing in-game ads on billboards or wherever they may be. And if the game is great and has longevity, i'm sure many will cough up some dough for premium things in the game. Good job keeping this free for many to play SOE!

PoSTedUP3518d ago

yup, FREE, sonys motto : D

INehalemEXI3513d ago

Maybe we see open beta 09? Sign me up if so. Free2play's im always down to try.

goflyakite3512d ago

Can't wait to play this, It's always looked good but I just don't do monthly fees.

smothtiger3518d ago

Only question now is: When the F*** will it come out?

Jinxstar3518d ago

MMO's take a long time to make. Who knows. I'm still excited for it though.

darkdoom30003517d ago

booya! i would take ads over paying anyday!