King of Fighters XII - New screenshots

SNK Playmore published a batch of new King of Fighters XII screenshots. Check them out.

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zep3339d ago

only 20 chars on roster ? :( i hope they add more Yamazaki,Yashiro and Eiji is all i want but they are not even on it /sigh

Harry1903339d ago

but it is rumoured that the console versions will have more characters. I still hope it turns out to be at least around 25. I haven't even seen Rugal yet.

Mr Fancy Pants3338d ago

didn't Rugal died in KOF 95?

Harry1903338d ago

He was in other KOFs after that.

firesoul873338d ago

I can't believe K' didn't make it in. He's one of the main characters dammit!

Mandaspt3338d ago

I think the screens are from the arcade version.

DFresh3338d ago

Is King of Fighters XII a multiplatform game?
If so when does it come out?

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