Killzone 2: Videos Showing Each MP Class

Seven new videos of the multiplayer beta of Killzone 2, each showing one of the playable classes and the last one the spectator mode.

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xaviertooth3374d ago

All sony-developed (+ MGS4) titles is all about true next-gen experience that the 360 will never achieve (goodluck 720). this title is one of them.

thor3374d ago

I've got a good idea of what's in the KZ2 beta now - I've seen each map, each game type, each weapon and now each class. Can't wait to finally play it in February.

superflyguy3374d ago

I wonder how they got HD video recorded from their PS3. They're probably using some expensive equipment.

TheExecutive3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

look at the lighting the guns give off in spectator mode. Simply amazing. The ground gives off shadows depending on the surface. simply amazing and the smoke.... good lord.

Kleptic3374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

there is geometry for certain parts of the ground, like the slightly bigger rocks in saluman market...making the lighting react in such a realistic when you see a strobed dynamic shadow around some of the textures on the ground...its because its a real calculated shadow based on the shape of that rock, or whatever else is creating a shadow...its subtle, but insanely awesome when you think about it...

its funny to read the posts at the source...people saying insanely ignorant stuff like 'there is so much blur to hide poor texture work'...what the feck ever...the blur isn't there if you stand still, and if you are examining the textures, you most likely are not standing still...

Dec 4th...thats the day...thats when we see the real meat of the uncompressed texture streaming for the final release...the beta doesn't do that, everything is compressed...and a lot of media guys are making a big deal out of how great the uncompressed textures look for the final game...

not only that, but the game already has some of the best textures of any console game to me a title with better ground textures than killzone 2, even in this beta...I guarantee you will not find one...not only are the textures fantastic to begin with, but the way they react to lighting is simply incredible...people really need to stop trying to find any real faults with the game...Killzone 2 has done nothing but embarrass the naysayers over the past few weeks...and its not going to stop any time soon...

Twiky3374d ago

I'm drooling in antecipation

Timesplitter143374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

1- What? There are vehicles (tactician gameplay)? Tell me more please! I didn't know that! (ok it's a bot... well that's also cool)

2- Awesome! Engineers can place turrets!

3- All the guns feel simply amazing

4- Graphics and effects are incredible

There's just something about that game that looks incredibly awesome

thor3374d ago

Yeah you can't drive vehicles in MP unfortunately. But that's the tactician's secondary ability to call in air support.

The graphics will look better than this it has been stated. The beta is quite an old build and they've improved the graphics, the balance of the gameplay, and of course there will be more maps and matchmaking options in the final release.

Ju3374d ago

What's with that guy in that plane then ? Is that just a airsupport unit or why is there a name tag on it ?

thor3374d ago

The name tag says something like "xxxx's bot" - meaning it was called in by xxxx but it's AI controlled.

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The story is too old to be commented.