Jaspers Hit The Streets - 3 Years Too Late

Shane "Clover" writes:

"Great job letting pride get in the way of a good job and giving 30% of Xbox players that hassle of having to send in their Xbox whenever they saw that Red Ring."

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The Killer3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

the 360 could have been an amazing machine if it werent for DVD and RROD!

japanese people loves quality products, so good luck to MS trying to get the japanese people to buy their console.

beside, RROD is not the only problem 360 has, also the disk scratching problem needs to be fixed for good! just last month my friend's 360 scratched his COD4 disk and now he is forced to buy the game again! and of course MS will not pay him for the game!!

NewZealander3521d ago

lucky you having a friend, especially a friend that gets scratched discs, thats a problem that ma and my friends have never found, as for this article, most 360's manufactured since the falcon have preformed pretty well, i know the one i have that was manufactured in may 2008 is a hell of alot quieter and cooler then my launch console.

im trying to kill my launch console so i can get the updated hardware, it just dont wanna die no matter what i do to it! damn you ms!

CloudsEnd3521d ago

To kill your XB360 easily just put a towel over the console for 2h, it will end up with a RRoD.

SonyOwnsNextYear3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

easy, they were and ARE trying to monopolize gaming.

microsofts mission objective since 1981:eliminate all competitors THROUGH ANY MEANS, then shove overpriced useless sh1t down our target consumers mouth. revise, rerelease with no significant update, but charge full price.

windows zune/vista/hddvd/dx10/360.

basically what they are doing every year is: " hey suckers, NOW we got rid of the rrod, come buy THIS console...+1 install base. rrod repair...+1 install base.

say my name 5 times.

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PirateThom3521d ago

Actually, Mr. Kim, you did. You pay for the license when you buy a new PC.

In the UK, Dell offer PCs with Linux pre-installed to reduce the cost.

bomboclaat_gamer3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

@ kim
yes you bought xp lol. even if u like it or not, u still bought it. u could have built ur own pc if u didnt want windows so badly. why do u think PCs cost so much. cuz they come preloaded with a windows OS.

Kim is a Windows buyer lol
Kim is a PC, and he hate Windows, but he still bought it. (Sheep)

The Killer3521d ago

i agree with u, every time MS brings new RROD free chip sets only to discover after few months that its not RROD free but with a reduction of 5-10% of the 33% RROD, so it becomes something like 20-25% RROD then 15-20% RROD then 10-15% RROD!!
the majority of the current 360's in today's homes are the 360 that had 33% of RROD, unless they replace all of them but in that case they shouldnt have counted the new replaced ones as sold consoles!


what i said was truth, i only have one friend that have 360, and its scratching his only beloved game!

maybe u r one of the lucky ones that r not in the 33% of the unlucky ones!! and i dont think its hard to kill ur 360! just play GTA4 for 1 days non stop or leave it open non stop and it will die!

so how many 360's u bought in total?? i think u r an example of many 360 owners having 2-4 360's

ChickeyCantor3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Goss you think so?
If you put a towel over the 360 it will get a RROD?
You think the Playstation 3 will have it easy if it can't get the hot air out?

Goes for any product.
>_> you fell on your head or something?

@the killer,
So what about the amount of PS2 people had to buy...?
You do realise PS2 had loads of failures too untill they improved it just like MS did.

The Killer3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

ps2 is greatest console in history regarding in install base and quality software, 360 is not.

and ps2 if i remember good had these problem only in the first year but they fixed it after that and even those problems was not as serious as RROD and disk scratching and not as much percentage as 360!! so its pointless to compare 360 to ps2!!

ps2 never had 33% dieing consoles, i didnt hear of ps2 scratching disks and if it did it must have been small and in the first year of release, because i have ps2 now and i bought it in 2001 and i used it like hell, and the only problem i have is sometimes it doesnt read some disks but all i have to do is restart and everything is fine.

360 had/have the greatest failure rate ever recorded in history in video gaming and the problem is not fixed 3 years after launch!!!!!

and the greatest crime is MS knew about the problem before release and didnt do anything, and they lied about the percentage of failure rates!! and the warranty is finished for millions of 360 owners, so what will happened to them when they get RROD soon? they will either have to buy another 360 or jump ship to ps3!

please dont try to compare it to ps2 or any other consoles, because its incomparable!!


serious problems is when the product fails to function and when it kills ur games that u payed 60+ USD for.

i think now the RROD is about 10% so u have less chances on getting one, i dont advise to buy 360 soon unless there is more than one exclusive games on it that u really want to plan it, because in march ps3 will cost 299$ and u get more exclusives and BLUE RAY player too and free online gaming, but up to u, do what makes u happier, but just to forget about 299$ ps3 80GB coming soon too(few months)!!

ChickeyCantor3521d ago

"and ps2 if i remember good had these problem only in the first year but they fixed it after that and even those problems was not as serious as RROD and disk scratching "

How can you put a "serious" tag on something if it fails to work?
The Ps2 not working is as bad too.
I will compare that, What the company did has nothing to do with the fact that lots of ps2 owners had to get in new PS2s too.
In most cases some people had to buy a new Ps2, MS atleast is fixing this...yes sending in the damn thing and waiting is a pain in the ass.
While they have been acting like fools and ignored all the warnings these things also made MS loose sh/tloads of money.

But whatever, i don't have a 360, might have one soon though.

Sitdown3521d ago

First....I hope you understand the problem with your name. 2nd...please prepare yourself for the sarcasm I am about to throw your way. Ready? Yes..that is Microsoft's plan to get people to buy a new 360 every year....cause doing calculations they figure that they would come out in the black by taking a hit with repair fees. As the gamers buy 3 to 4 consoles (cause all the money comes from hardware sales).........we all know that they will also by the same game 3 to 4 times as well....that is how the attachment rate will stay so high. Microsoft is brilliant in knowing that everybody is up to speed on each console that is released, and that everybody who purchased an original 360, will purchase the new chip set, and then the following chip set....Microsoft has uncovered the master plan to make 100% of their base buy the same console over 3 times............perhaps Sony will uncover this truth....I mean can they really expect to delete items from each new SKU and add a bigger hard drive and expect previous owners to pony up and purchase their 2nd ps3? Boy I tell you.......those repeat victims and their stupid three year warranty...nobody uses those things, they just go out and purchase the new chip set immediately upon getting the RROD. Ohh that's right......everybody has had their 360 go RROD at least once right? Okay..that is a enough dose of sarcasm for this post.

Anyhow, its obvious your hate for Microsoft......but as you so eagerly bash them, take a deeper look and see if Sony and other companies are really that different. Are you telling us that each version of the ps3 has been better than the next, while decreasing the price?

Tony P3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

The two consoles are quite comparable. They both had known flaws and both face a lawsuit for those flaws. That thing that keeps happening to your PS2 where it can't read the disc, Killer? We in the know refer to that as the infamous Disc Read Error which afflicted enough PS2s to generate a court battle. Google "disc read error". Guarantee you'll see something about it on the first page.

So please believe this wasn't some small isolated incident in Roswell with a few farmhands and a weather balloon.

I too believe the PS2 is one of if not the greatest console I've ever owned. It remains my most used console ever and I'm about to get more use out of it with Persona 4 and KOF: Orochi Saga. But being the best doesn't mean we let faults slide. If we did that, pervs like Michael Jackson would be running free...Oh.

ChickeyCantor3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

The killer,
I already own a PS3.

I already own a Wii xD.
And i like it, the first party titles interest me the most anyway ( and since third party developers are getting allong better, games like the conduit got my attention too.

I just wanna make the "circle" i always have.

The Killer3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

i agree with u, all companies tries to hide their flows, ps2 had its own but am saying its no where near the flows of 360!!

and about Micheal Jackson, maybe he did bad things maybe its some people behind it since he hates jews, u know the big israeli lobby in USA??, so maybe its them behind all that but i dont know! he was not found guilty if i remember correctly, and any way he just converted to islam so i think he want to change his life(maybe the dark part with kids) and be a good human being who worships god and only god!

now he live in bahrain if am correct, so i doubt any body will follow him there!



ow so then i motivate u to buy a 360, its always good to play more games, but unfortunately the 360 exclusive library is small, and only very few games worth the effort to buy 360!

but i dont motivates u to buy wii unless u will use it in religious evens or country evens with some family and relative members, and maybe once a month with friends gathering! every body i know who had a wii is regretting he bought it! its fun for very short time then u get bored!

Bnet3433521d ago

better late than never

Shadow Flare3521d ago

So, eventually the 360 is going to be the console it was supposed to be on launch day, right?

Xi3521d ago

please don't eat my disks and rrod.

then weh I look at my ps3 I'm like "why'd they use blue-ray, and the 'cell'"

and when I look at my wii I just sigh. Each system has it's problems.

FF7numba13521d ago

i bought ps2 twice. first one was given to me and its the big beyotch. It got dre. I bought two more not because of dre. dre is minor compare to rrod. rrod = aids, dre = sars.

SaiyanFury3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Sidar, instead of doing your staple of quoting people then replying to them, how about creating an original post yourself about the article.

As for MS, they knew about this problem and let their arrogance get in the way of them fixing the design before hitting the street. Wanting to beat Sony is a lofty goal indeed, but when your arrogance gets in the way of designing a reliable product you need to step back and do a bit of self examination. IF the Jasper board fixes the problem, then good but after 3 other "updates" to fix the problem I doubt it will change anything in the end.

Danja3521d ago

I thought the Falcon was suppose to already fix this prob..?

lets see how long b4 someone reports that the Jasper has's bound to happen.....

pshizle3521d ago


its that there are idiots that dont take good care of their system knowing that the 360 is not that reliable

ways to kill your 360

play to much 360
leave 360 on for long periods of time
move 360 while disc is in (you can now download games on hardrive)
put 360 in close spaces with no ventilation
physical damage to your 360

i have a ps3 and its reliable but people should take care of their investments regardless!

NewZealander3521d ago

but ive tried the towel trick, the first time for two hours, the next time for five hours and the last time i had it going for six, ive also dropped it like ten or twenty times, nothing has worked.

im wondering if the launch models were made better, i know the launch console had the glossy platnum plastic on the sides and on the controller, i think when MS cut the cost price by puttin cheap grey plastc on the console they probably put cheaper parts inside the console too, so my guess is it all started when they did that.

but yeah my console has been at melting point and still keeps going, i just dont get it!

NewZealander3521d ago

oh and yes ive bought two 360's, one at launch and one in may 2008.

i decided to buy a new one because they were going so cheap, so i could put the new one in the lounge, RRoD the old one and use it in the bedroom when i got it back, but yeah i have the old one in my room now but just cant kill it, anyone see the how to kill an xbox video the other week? im nearly at the point where i need to nuke the b1tch.

and im not saying the disc scratching problem doesnt exist, just that it cant be that huge of a problem, ive never met a person thats had that issue, but alot of fanboys on this site like to spin things and make out like RRoD and scratched discs applies to all 360 owners, and thats really pretty far from the truth, yes i have friends that have had the RRoD and some that had consoles that just stopped working, maybe im just lucky but my experience has been problem free and pretty damn good so far.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3521d ago

Thats strange because I thought the 360 was still selling well, in 2nd place, and extending it's lead over the PS3rd.

jadenkorri3521d ago

you really should look up figures before posting...maybe USA is all that matters, and you would be essentially right but most people pay attention to world sales...The Wii obviously outsold both, but the ps3 has outsold the 360 for 8 months straight. 360 with its price drop took it back in October, so were all waiting for numbers for November. It'd be curious to see who will be 2nd thou. Both consoles had amazing releases this month so its gonna be close....

To people above talking about ps2 DRE, and 360 RROD...
yes both consoles had a launch problem, both had to be taken to court to get fixed/warrantied...the main difference is that MS was forced to provide the 3 year warranty, and MS was aware of the problem before launch...To me, releasing a faulty product is worse that a problem discovered after launch. And people praise MS for providing something they would never had done if they could... Now don't get me wrong, sony is not perfect either, i don't like their warranty, cause if you ps3 breaks, to get the warranty you have to have the original purchase receipt, which sucks, cause like me and 90% of the world does with their receipts which is chucking them in the garbage.

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ultimolu3521d ago

Three years...*shakes head*

I hope the Jasper is more reliable.

Shane Kim3521d ago

I can tell you right now that it is not.

bomboclaat_gamer3521d ago

how do u know that kim
or are u just being a troll without logic.
i thought u were smart

wallace10003521d ago

Would you please provide us with a link to the site where you found the testing information for the Jasper please? I would like to see the results.

GIJeff3521d ago

im sure we would all like to see the actual tests that shows it IS better. MS said vista was better.....well?

wallace10003521d ago

Not once did i say that i wanted to see the tests that showed it is better. I merely asked to see the test information that allowed him to make his decision.

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thor3521d ago

Almost all my friends with 360s have had trouble with disk scratching. RROD is so widespread that this kind of article makes it seem as though it's the only problem - but it's not. The hardware is shoddy all round. But most hardware faults are not even covered by the extended warranty.

I would not be surprised if the Xbox 360 was initially designed by a 5-year-old with papier maché, pipe cleaners and sticky tape. It's about as well made.

PirateThom3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Heh, I wouldn't be surprised.

Look at the damn state of it, it's concave. Electronic devices should never be concave because it messes the airflow. The thing is nearly as big as a PS3, but because it's concave it actually has smaller internal space. Why do you think the PS3 is convex? Because Sony want to make it look like a grill? No, because AIRFLOW.

Whoever designed it did so for nothing more than looks, completely ignoring function.

The disc scratching thing was just bad luck, the drives were cheap crap to begin with.

callahan093521d ago

Brilliant comment, as usual, Thom. Microsoft could learn something from Nintendo. Why do you think the Wii is selling like hot cakes? Why do you think they released it in 2006 and not in 2005? They spent the extra year on industrial design. Keyword here is "industrial." They made the thing not just for fashion, but also function, and it paid off. People see the product at tiny & sexy, like a Paris Hilton toy dog or something, and they like it, but they also have confidence in the product's durability (or rather more accurately, they don't have concerns over it).

wardrox3521d ago

Every time there is a new chipset or SKU MS say they fixed the RRoD problem. I remain doubtful this will be any different.

Capulous3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Do they really say that? Link? They revised the chips to improve the system, the functionality, and reduce cost amoung other things; I would like to see these press releases they make everytime a chip revision is released stating they completely removed hardware failure from an electronic device.

I mean seriously, where does this stuff come from. lol

GIJeff3521d ago

everyone was saying falcon was better, or that the elite was better, but turned out to have the same problems, and not limited to the "RROD".

Firstkn1ghT3521d ago

How quickly we forget the dreaded disc error on the ps2. That lil error cost me a good 4 ps2's. But of course, back than we didn't have looney bloggers spreading the news like wildfire like today.

PirateThom3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

It wasn't as bad as the RRoD and was sorted out in less than a year by changing the material the drive belt was made of.

Not to mention, an device with an optical drive can get read errors. Lasers do go out of alignment over time.

Also, just because "Sony did it" doesn't remotely excuse Microsoft, what poor damage control.

v1c1ous3521d ago

Sony was even on the verge of a class action suit but they nipped it in the bud. the difference is that back then gamers didn't verbalize and spread around info at the speed of today's gossip rounds since the internet blogging/community scene wasn't as vivid today.

ppl were still stuck on gamefaqs and cheatcc.

we didn't have websites like N4G to throw a lil gasoline into the flame.

thor3521d ago

Yeah I lost a PS2 thanks to a crummy laser. Thankfully I was able to flog it to a friend who thought he could fix it (he couldn't lol).

After that experience, I never want to buy shoddy hardware again. Now the PS2 was not nearly as bad as the 360, and my 2nd one works to this day with no problems. But RROD won't seem to go away - and even if they've significantly reduced the likelihood of it happening, there are still the other problems like disk scratching which have not been addressed.

strotee3521d ago

I love it when people mention the PS2 when the RROD comes up. Let's try to compare consoles in the same generation, mmk?

gano3521d ago

Good morning people. Chocolate chip cookies
are good on a cold morning.

Anywho, buddy if xbox supporters are going to defend this
system really think about your rebuttal. How do you comprehend
to say that the graphics on a dvd player that is (supposedly)

better then future gen blu-ray tech, failure rate is
acceptable to the fault of a last gen gaming system
that's damn near 9 and did not stop your system from
working, just the disk.
And failure rate was below 5.

InMyOpinion3521d ago

Me & many of my friends had to turn our PS1's upside down in order to get them to work. And when that stopped working I had to buy a new laser and have it fitted. Sony didn't give me any warranty or anything.

I'm sure most of you Sony fans have NO IDEA what I'm talking about ;) Hypocrites.

Man_of_the_year3521d ago

Confirmed - i had to turn mine upside down as well. And there were many occasions where it scratched my disc.

PimpHandHappy3521d ago


you paid for a new PS2 when you got DRE

thats funny dude

because i fixed it myself!

it was so easy and anyone that didnt fix that problem shame on you for buying a new unit to replace your DRE PS2! Took about 10min to fix!

1st knight you lose and why not reach back 5 more years for some to spin on!

GIJeff3521d ago

i bet you did firstknight. LOL.

FF7numba13521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

lol did this noobs just say dre = rrod. lol no, thats why sony wasn't forced to replace them. It was minor check your history. I swear its like people just started gaming when the 360 came out.

lol I just sold my dre ps2 to a pawn shop. Both the skinny version.

ultimolu3521d ago

Interesting how we alllllways drag the PS2 into a conversation about the RROD. Tell me Knight, was the problems so bad that Sony was forced to do a recall? The only thing I remembered was that they went to court.

Stop dragging the PS2 into this. The 360 is supposed to be a next-gen console. What the hell is it doing breaking down on people?

I feel sorry for the parents on Black Friday. They have no idea what they're getting into.

YogiBear3521d ago

Yeah well i had to do all kinds of crazy s**t to get a Nintendo cartridge to play so there have always been technology "farts" in the gaming world.

Oner3520d ago

Here we go with BS statements about how PS2's DRE's was just as bad as the 360's current RROD issues...I have posted this quite a few times before but I never see anyone addressing it ;)

"Funny how some fail to mention the %'s where still within an acceptable industry standard. The only reason why it "seemed" like a lot is because

2-3% of 125 Million is 2.5-3.75 Million ~ PS2

33+% of 24 Million is 8 Million+ ~ 360

See, when it's put into PROPER perspective and context others points are totally invalidated."

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