Midnight Club: LA Remix - Operation Sports review

Summary: When you sit back and really take a hard look at Midnight Club LA Remix, you won't see a bad game. What you'll see is a game that's decent for a racing game, but probably could have used some design changes to fit the handheld market.

You definitely need some new camera angles that are a bit higher -- but not so far away that your car is a speck on the screen like with the "far" camera -- and the scripted events really make the game feel a bit artificial. The console version felt artificial as well, but for an entirely different reason -- somewhat deceptive catch up A.I.

But when you look at the competition on the PSP, Midnight Club is a pretty strong title. Even with the frustration of not being able to see exactly what I needed to see, I still found myself enjoying the game, and compared to other offerings on the system, it's one of the racing titles that I enjoyed the most.

I know the score is a bit higher than the Xbox 360 version, but that's purely because of the competition. I have several titles I'd recommend long before Midnight Club on the 360, but this is actually a rather good game for the PSP crowd.

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