What's The Difference Between PS3 And Xbox 360 Versions? Ladies Underwear

"Soul Breed" strategy/embarrassing food eating RPG Record of Agarest War first hit the PS3 last fall. Now, it's got the inevitable Xbox 360 version. There are differences, it seems, big differences.

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windmill1453465d ago

Isn't this the game that sold 1.6k first day?
I guess white panties didn't matter too much.
BTW, lol at Kotaku, was it really worth it making this stupid article.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3465d ago

+ The xBot Zombie Lemmings all wear Ladies underwear while playing it!!! ;-D

ar3465d ago

Black for the PS3, white for the 360. Branded underwear. \o/

ASSASSYN 36o3465d ago

Yeagh color THATS all that people noticed. You need to get out more.

Raz3465d ago

I hadn't realized that when I bought a PS3, I was joining the Conservative party...but there's the proof. Damn - I wanted to be with the Liberals.

I demand a port of Mass Effect as compensation for the lack of white cotton panties in my PS3 games. ^_^

Tony P3465d ago

"Panties! Glooooorious panties!" -Eric Forman, That 70s Show

Megaton3465d ago

That's the scene I always think of first when someone mentions that show. Awesome.

SpiderBoy363465d ago

OMG, that episode was on favorite part was when Midge ran into the restaurant, reclaimed her panties, and Kelso and Fez worshiped Eric like a god, lol...

Shakyhand3465d ago

Ooh, knickers! Why does the 360 have better undies? I demand an answer! Seems that multiplats do benefit from being developed on PS3 first. Now, if they would just release a patch so we could have a choice of undies...

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The story is too old to be commented.