Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff - Operation Sports review


With a single-player mode that gets old after one season, and an online mode with lag issues that make it more or less unplayable, the only use I can see for Kickoff is as a local head-to-head game. So if you and your friends have DS handhelds and are looking for a way to play Tecmo Bowl on the go, you might get some long-term enjoyment out of the game. All other gamers would be better off sticking with their dusty (but trusty) copy of Tecmo Bowl for the NES/SNES....

...Season mode becomes a chore about halfway through the first year, and online multiplayer is a complete throwaway due to lag, which leaves local multiplayer as the only real point of interest -- better hope you have some friends with DS handhelds and a copy of the game, or you will not be getting a whole lot of value out of this one.

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