OpSports: Stop Asking for a New Madden Engine

Ian Cumming of OpSports has seen comments in this fashion posted probably thousands of times in the Madden forums:

"Madden is never going to be any good until they scrap their current engine and make a new one..."

He then spells out the facts about Madden and its many engines. An excerpt:

"So I think it's pretty obvious that there's some confusion seems that 'engine' has been used as a nice jargon buzzword. To clarify, in the eyes of myself and the team, there is no one 'engine' for Madden. We've got 4 main 'engines' that are running in-game (i.e. not in Franchise mode). Can everyone please stop asking for a 'new engine'? It just doesn't really help since it's so vague. Instead, how about specific fixes that you want? Do you want better catch animations? Ok, then post it. Do you want better CPU playcalling? Ok, then post it. Do you want us to swap out our physics engine with Euphoria's? Ok, then post it.

Just know...there is no such thing as a magic bullet 'new engine'!"

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khellendros13487d ago

How about this, see All Pro Football for running and passing engine.

LinuxGuru3487d ago

Yes, please swap out your Physics engine and use Euphoria.

Good riddance to canned football animations.

JonahFalcon3487d ago

I'm more of an AI guy, myself. I just want DBs to behave realistically. OL to behave realistically. RB to behave realistically...

ChickeyCantor3487d ago

" Just know...there is no such thing as a magic bullet 'new engine'!" "

Actually writing a new engine without looking at the current one could(or not) improve sh/tloads.

JonahFalcon3487d ago

Missing the point - there's several engines in Madden, not one.

ChickeyCantor3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

No i did not miss the point.
Why not create a new engine with all included? And by included i mean make it their own by creating it themselves.
It could improve things.
If you keep looking at what you already have you are pushed onto one path.

JonahFalcon3486d ago

Um, doesn't work that way.

TheColbertinator3487d ago

I agree with Linux Guru.Time to go with Euphoria