Left4Dead Released, Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Next?

Split-Screen writes: "Blasting through zombie shooter Left4Dead is…well, a blast. More than anything though, now that Valve Software has pushed its multi-player opus out the door to positive reviews, could an announcement on Half-Life 2: Episode 3 be far behind?"

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urban bohemian3493d ago

The ending to Episode 2 was incredible....really want to play it. Not to even think about Half Life 3 itself!

callahan093493d ago

I thought Episode 2 was a turd compared to all of the other iterations of Half Life. But that's just me. The rest of the Orange Box was full of top-notch win, though, that's for sure.

stonecold33493d ago

titles for the ps3 now as we are already nearly heading towards 09 now and this is the year the ps3 will have the competition to clean up with titles granturismo 5 killzone 2 streetfighter 4 residentevil5 heavy rain tekken 6 theres not much games coming out for xbox 360 later next year as the same goes for the wii by that time nintendo will have a machine ready by2010 as theres isnt much games coming for the wii and its going to be a game drought for that system and pretty much for xbox 360 about september 09 m$ would need to to buy every developer try and get most of ps3 exclusive games and they know the system like they are doing now and m$ would have the ps3 outselling in 09 and i think valve can jump on board the ps3 and make games im sure the ps3 gamers would welcome them with open arms

Nike3493d ago

Well, ever since The Orange Box was a success, even Gabe Newell, a die-hard PS3 hater, said there a market to be had on the PS3 (since a lot of people really appreciate Valve's games). Why he takes out his anger for Sony on gamers is just one big WTF, but it'd be nice to see more Valve titles across multiple platforms.

NarsilianShard3492d ago

Valve has made me really angry with the episodes. Episodic games are supposed to come out frequently! That's the whole point! Waiting 2 years for a 5 hour game in completely unacceptable.

Yes, the games are incredible but they are way too short and too much of the same considering their development time.