StickSkills: Gears of War 2 Review

Does Epic's sequel to the beloved Gears of War stack up to the hype? Or does it fall short from fanboy grace?

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PistolPumptMonk3464d ago

I like how its all, "does it live up to the hype?" and stuff like no one has played it yet and no one has seen a review.

Haha the games been out for what? 3 weeks? I think most of us have formed an opinion by now...

buckethead_9113463d ago

This game delivers. No doubt!

Legion3463d ago

Just finished through Wave 50 last night. I was up for like 36 hours straight last night finishing up the last half of Hardcore and playing through the horde wave.

Time to get a friend online to assist with the Insane play through on co-op. Luckily I can let my friend play through on casual (kind of a newbie) and I can be set at Insane. Looks like another long night!!!

stickskills3462d ago

It's frustrating, but definitely worth it.