Japan First Day Sales (11/27)

[PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Konami) - 94k
[360] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Konami) - 5k
[360] Agarest Senki: Reappearance (Compile Heart) - 1.6k

[NDS] Professor Layton and The Last Time Travel (Level 5) - 180k
[NDS] Tamagotchi Kira Kira Omisecchi (Bandai Namco) - 7k
[NDS] Higurashi no Nakukoru ni Kizuna: Dai-Ni-Kan - Sou - 17k

[PSP] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX: Tag Force 3 (Konami) - 44k
[PSP] Kenka Banchou 3: Zenkoku Seiha (Spike) - 30k
[PSP] Higurashi Daybreak Portable (Alchemist) - 22k
[PSP] Warriors Orochi 2 (Koei) - 20k
[PSP] Patapon 2 (SCE) - 13k

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alexM3341d ago

[PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Konami) - 94k
[360] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Konami) - 5k

x360 finished in Japan and europe. NA to go

Kamikaze1353341d ago

Seriously, that's such a HUGE gap.

alexM3341d ago

Both those games will easily do 500k -1m on PS3

I expect WKS to sell 500k on launch day and 1m first week

Musou 2 will sell 500k first week on PS3

Chris Hansen3341d ago

Your expectations are a tad bit high. Even Monster Hunter can't top 1mil first week sales, and that's on the PSP. Only games in Japan that can top the million mark during the first week would be Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon.

A more realistic expectation for WKS would probably be 150k-200k first day and maybe 250k-300k first week.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3341d ago

[PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Konami) - 94k-ool ;-P

[360] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Konami) - 5k-unts ;-D

maruchan27six3341d ago

94k not including bundle sales.I should have known they love Winning Eleven.

Danja3341d ago

was also the person who predicted LBP would 1 million on day one..and he's making alot of PS3 fanboys look bad.....

pp_3341d ago

Haha, how poor. The 360 is finished in all regions but North America, where it will soon fall. Watch out.


kthnxbai 360

ppthefag3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Microsoft, the videogaming industry joke confirmed.

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The Killer3341d ago

[PS3] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Konami) - 94k
[360] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (Konami) - 5k

ps3 2 million - 94k
360 800,000 - 5k

94 vs 5 = sold 19 times more but the ps3 install base is not even 3 times more than 360.

my point is 360 owners enjoy more shooting and blood games and it is strange to see square enix supporting such fans, clearly they dont like the same cup as japanese like, and SE should focus more on japanese then the world because without japanese support they will bankrupt.

InMyOpinion3341d ago

Then explain why games like Valkyria Chronicles and LBP haven't sold well in Japan? Is it because all japanese PS3 owners are sport jocks who are too stupid to buy good games? I don't think so. Take your bigot views into the open zone.

There is a difference between the japanese market and the western market. 360 games with blood and gore like Gears 2 aren't big sellers in Japan. Neither are sports games. I think most japanese 360 owners have gotten a 360 to play the exclusive RPGs, cause those are the only type of games that have had some kind of success in Japan.

The Killer3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

then why the sales of Pro Evolution Soccer was 19 times better on ps3?

janapese love only their home made games like capcom.konami,SE etc thats a true and sad fact, and since most who bought 360 in japan bought it mostly for halo,gears etc these people most probably not into RPGs,sports etc other wise they would have rushed to buy Pro Evolution Soccer.

if LBP was made by nintendo so u think it would had the same sales???
japanese culture is somehow closed culture!

also they bought the japanese style of game from these japanese companies, so if a japanese company made a game that have a little west style then it will turn them off.

just remember street fighter 4 will suck in sales compare to any japanese pure fighting game!

NaiNaiNai3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

>.> are you really going to argue over a game that sold less copys in a nation then the population of my city. T_T and my city is damned small. its the 118th largets city in the US. and you arguing over which system is blah, over that. thats just sad.

AAACE53341d ago

But it's VG Chartz remember...

Anytime something about 360 is said to be better than Ps3, you guys go on and on about, "Oh, VGChartz is crap! Their numbers are always waaaaaay off!"

So where's the sarcasm and lack of respect for VGchartz now?

Like I always suspected... you only accept something if it says what you want to hear! Your fanboy subscription has just been renewed!

Well, good for Ps3! I hope they sold a few more consoles in the process.

Bruce Wayne3341d ago

Your a dumbass. That's not from VGchartz. The data came from ameblo, which is a japanese site. VGchartz is citing their data.

AAACE53341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Did that make you feel manly, callin me a dumbass?

If your [email protected] was paying attention, I was showing how the fanboys act when they see something! Alot of the time they don't bother to read the article, and just see "VGChartz" and go nuts!

Everything is not black and white buddy... Look closer! I make multiple points in comments, but only those that are smart can read between the lines!

Hint: I just insulted you several times, in several different ways. But you will probably only see 2-3 of them... And i'm the dumbass???

By the way... It's "You're" a dumbass! Not "Your"... Pick up a dictionary once in a while or something before you start with the name calling.

Look at all the hate on my above post... Yeah, i'll probably lose a bubble just for trying to be funny and prove a point... Pretty sad really...

Danja3341d ago

im surprised you guys found something to flame over....

of-course the PS3 version would sell more....I hope you guys realize that alot of Japanese gamers also own both the PS3/360 and most times Japanese gamers will always buy a PS3 version of the multi-plat and the install base is 3 times there size of the 360...

even if Last Remnant was released simultaneously it would have still sold more on the PS3 days one

Tiberium3340d ago

vg charts is actually reliable when they tell the sony fanboys what they want to

kopicha3340d ago

your logic is completely stupid. first you say japanese only buy games made by japanese. next you say that SF4 sales will suck when its dev by the japanese. just because of this basically all you said cannot be taken into acct

kopicha3340d ago

good reply! bubble for you!

Halo crazeee3340d ago

why not laugh at how bad gears 2 is outselling both LBP and Resistance 2 put together at the same time and gears 2 came out later.. kinda sad if u ask me. 2 of the ps3s most anticipated AAA titles getting blown out of the dirt by Gears

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djtek1843341d ago


Ps_alm3k3341d ago

Of Dragon Quest 8
and making a new one for Ds...
And the professor layton series...
Just publish by square thats all.
But its definitely going to sale 1 mil fist week.
The japanese are at a high time rpg craving and white knight cake is on their menu..

Chris Hansen3341d ago

Your an idiot if you actually think a new IP can magically sell over 1mil first week on a console that hasn't even reached 3 million install base. Monster Hunter can't even sell over a million first week and it's on the mighty PSP. Even Kingdom Hearts can't even sell over a million first week, and that was on the PS2.

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