Persona 4's Homage To South Park ?

You meet all kinds of comical teachers in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, but Mr. Hosoi is the most memorable. He lectures players on Japanese literature with a hand puppet sort of like early Mr. Garrison. I can't say for sure if Mr. Hosoi was directly inspired by the South Park character, but the localization team at Atlus USA gave another nod to South Park by having Mr. Hosoi say Mr. Mackey's catch phrase "mmmkay". I don't remember South Park ever being a hit Japan so Mr. Hosoi an unusual and interesting addition for Persona 4 considering the game was developed in Japan.

Images courtesy of Atlus.

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Godmars2903247d ago

Someone's forgotten/doesn't know about the South Park scene in Fooly Cooly.

Reibooi3247d ago

I doubt the using a puppet is a homage to South Park. A teacher using a puppet is something that is funny and it's used a bit more then you may think it is. However the Mmmkay is most likely a reference to South Park.

FantasyStar3247d ago

Butters you black asshole!

Danja3247d ago

well it does have a few similarities....

this game is gonna be sooo awesome...!!!

Homicide3247d ago

Rofl! That's awesome. This game is going to be great.

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