TeamXbox: Lips Review

TeamXbox writes: "Not long ago, Dance Dance Revolution and Karaoke Revolution games were about all you had in the "music game" genre. Then Guitar Hero and Rock Band upped the title count-and user base-for these games, which also made the gameplay more involved. There has also been a focus on shifting from remade "cover" tunes to "master tracks" with the original performances from major artists.

Now Microsoft is getting into the act with a game that's at the same time a throwback to some of the original music games, but also offers some distinctly innovative features to create a unique gameplay experience. At its core, Lips is a karaoke game, but it also has some elements that Microsoft and developer iNiS (Elite Beat Agents, Gitaroo Man) hope will make it an exciting party game."

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titntin3523d ago

I can't believe they managed to do the whole review and only compare it with Rock Band. The game is an obvious complete lift of the enourmously sucesfull singstar series, and if you want to compare it with anything, thats the only title to compare it with.

As I thought it might be, the ability to sing your own songs loses most of its value when you realise theres no lyrics or any pitch data - you are essentially simply singing over the top of your song, something we can all do without having the 360 switched on.

Content IS king for a game of this type, and if you compare what this title has with the huge selection on offer in Singstar with all the official videos, its not really much competition, despite the funky mics and the great idea of motion contolled percussion.
If they continue to support and back this with something like the sing store, maybe this will be 'the daddy' for future versions. But I rather suspect it fade and wither - which is a shame.

Xi3522d ago

was a rip off of xbox music mixer.

full circle.

notpill3523d ago

"innovation : 8.0"


lloyd_wonder3523d ago

Lips?? That's kinda nasty...

thereapersson3523d ago

Careful, you don't know where those LIPS have been... ;)

dale13523d ago

my mate just sold his 360 when this hit the tv in the uk.he said 360 was for the hardcore and with all the wi avators rip off and now lips he just see,s the 360 going after the wi market.looks like back to pc gaming for him

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