Neocrisis: NXE Famous Character Avatars

Neocrisis: We have can across 22 NXE avatars of some very famous people. Some of which are Kratos, Lara Croft, Neo, President Elected Obama.

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Havince3465d ago

DO NOT change your Avatar to a celeb, i did and yesterday got banned for a week, yep im suspended coz it breached copyright laws

sushipoop3465d ago

Why would anybody do that anyway? The customization is piss poor. Is that supposed to be Lara Croft? Lol. When did she start wearing capris?

InMyOpinion3465d ago

Show me some proof. I bet you were banned cause you have a flash modded 360 and were using XBLive.

Agent VX3465d ago

You are such a liar, you didn't get banned for a week. You don't even own a Xbox 360!!!

I laughed my arse off at the Micheal Jackson one. They made him so pale!!! I thought spock and Sarah Palin was good too.

PS3 FTW3464d ago

These are embarrassing!

They look absolutely nothing like any of them! LMAO. The only one that were similar were because they had a specific hairdo(Princess Leah) or hat(michael Jackson)

They should post an article of the Mii look-a-likes, they actually do look like the people they are trying to mimic. NXE Avatars=Fail

I haven't touched my 360 since installing the update. I like the new interface (anything is better than the old dashboard) but the avatars are abysmal.

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InMyOpinion3465d ago

They need to release some theme packs like the ones on LBP. Street Fighter costumes etc. This just looks cheap.

animboo3465d ago

they really look alike..
i mean the avatars and the mii..

titntin3465d ago

Jeez - I thought these things couldn't get any gayer! Seriously, this is so lame..
NXE is great, I love most of the new fuctionality and visually its a vast improvement over the blades, but the avatars are just embaressing and make me wince. Please god give us an option to ban them from our machines....

running rampid3465d ago

LOL. the Whoopi Goldberg avatar looks more man the woman.

mirroredderorrim3465d ago

Didn't you get the memo?

Even in-person, it's true!

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