ONM: Sonic Unleashed Review

It's quite fitting that Sonic Unleashed sees Sonic turning into a werewolf, because it's pretty much a game of two halves. One half is, in our opinion, the best 3D Sonic game we've ever played. The other half however is a generic, repetitive action platformer.

Sonic's history in 3D gaming has had more ups and downs than the National Press-Up League, mainly due to two reasons: speed and glitches. If it wasn't bad enough that many 3D Sonic games are simply far too fast to be controllable (and therefore enjoyable), it's even worse when dodgy coding means you randomly miss the trigger for an important set-piece, often chucking you down a hole as a result or - even worse - glitching you through the scenery and making you die as you fall off the edge of the level. It's happened since Sonic's first three-dimensional adventure (Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast), and has been an irritating bug in pretty much every one since. Except this one.

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buy a ps33521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I'm so happy this game is good... or at least alright.

Vespertine3521d ago

It's too bad reviewers tore this game to shreds just because of the wolf gimmick (which is quite fun, from personal experiance) and the hub worlds (which arent even bad either)

It's perfectley fine for Rare to make a Banjo game that focuses on vehicle building-- but it is absolutley unacceptable for Sega to add a fun brawled/platformer to a game.. I mean yes, it's not classic Sonic but it's fun nonetheless. (N&B is fun as well don't get me wrong)

People can't accept the fact that we finally have a good 3D Sonic game.
(I own the 360 version of this game)

poopsack3520d ago

nah man its just -2 for being sonic, and -omg teh pointz because sega decided to grab an awesome formula and add additional platforimng and brawling to it.

buy a ps33520d ago

that is why a rarely care about reviews.

Captain_Sony3520d ago

Reviews are nothing like they use to be. At one point they were judged by how other games of the type did and how popular they were. Now you get someones personal opinion of a game. That person might hate FPS, so they rate it based on how they feel. It just seems to me to be more of a "This is how I feel about it." review, rather than the old. Here is what the game has to offer and how it compares to similar games.There is little fact checking done today,hell most articles on the web today are written by people who are no different than you or I. They lack any real journalist training and simply get the job based on their ability to write a coherent sentence, not on how much journalistic integrity they have.