JoWooD Apologies For Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Bugs

VE3D writes:

"Two patches in and the Indian-made Gothic 3 expansion pack remains a bug-ridden mess. In fact, it's so bad that JoWooD has had to issue a formal apology:

Gothic 3 : Forsaken Gods is full of bugs, just as the main game was. Fans are complaining about the poor quality of the game and JoWooD felt that it's time to release a statement in this regard.

First of all we want to thank the community for showing their support and we also want to thank those who have chosen to buy the game. Unfortunatey, it wasn't possible for us to release a game that could fully satisfy you, for different reasons.

The game was released this year because that was what we and the community desired. JoWooD and Trine have worked under a lot of pressure, and to repair some of the mistakes we released the game with a patch, hoping to make it better.

Michael Kairat, Executive Producer of JoWooD said: We are now getting the full "bill" from the community for our mistakes.

JoWooD Productions would like to present their apologies to the fans for releasing an unsatisfying game.

Furthermore Michael Kairat explained that in the next days a new patch will be released which will improve the quality of the game. It will be available for download on JoWooD's Official Website.

We also want to make a content patch which will include opinions, suggestions, wishes from the community. After the feedback from the community, we will release a statement regarding the patch.

Toghether with Spellbound we will make early beta tests for Arcania: A Gothic Tale [Gothic 4], to be sure that past mistakes will not be repeated. JoWooD admits their mistake, and will prevent it from happening again, says Michael Kairat on behalf of the entire team."

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rroded3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

This is why I went the console rout damn half finished games not that were immune on the console anymore. Its really consumer beware I alwas wait a bit after release till im sure its a solid product b4 buying now...
Still this kinda crap should not b legal cause your paying for a product thats suppose to work.