Massively: One Shots: That's gotta hurt

Sometimes, it's just one of those days. Perhaps you woke up to find you were out of coffee, you get out the door late, people seem to take special delight in being pains all day, and then it's time to face rush hour traffic. Fun, fun, fun. But for every day like that, there are moments like these, where you can escape into your favorite fantasy world and spend your evening cleaving skulls in twain, venting frustration from your day. Today's Warhammer Online One Shots from Dwalin may not be inspired by a rough day, but it certainly captures the gleeful moment of putting the smack down on someone! Dwalin writes in: "My favourite picture that I've captured since I started playing Warhammer Online. My Ironbreaker, Dwalin, is about to give a chaos champion a splitting headache. [It was] taken during the Siege of Bohsenfels public quest, on the Burlok server."

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