Is Sony Already Working On The PSP 2 ?

I know what you guys are thinking PSP 2 already after the PSP-3000 was released to a mostly un-willing PSP crowd. Then came the news from PSP gamer community that Sony appeared to have dropped the ball with the new PSP-3000.

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BrianC62343398d ago

I agree. If Sony makes a PSP2 it needs a second analog stick. That's my only problem with the PSP. And maybe have the sticks work better. Can they make them more like the PS3 analog sticks?

kwicksandz3398d ago

Ditch the ps3 stick design and emulate MS and nintys sticks. going from one bad design to another wouldnt be a good move.

cRaZyLeGs 933398d ago

Im getting a psp at christmas, don't release psp2 sony! gimmie at least a year!

BLuKhaos3397d ago

whats the difference between the sticks anyways?they're just sticks.

rexor07173397d ago

The PSP is very...tired.

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Max Power3398d ago

beefjack is a terrible website, just pa-rousing the pending section and they had a whole thing on Resistance 3. Dumb site for dumb people. of course Sony is working on PSP2 they prolly have been for quite some time, way to state the obvious.

Close_Second3398d ago posting from some disgruntled gamer who spits his dummy when he doesn't get his way.


RememberThe3573398d ago

I wondered if anyone else smelled bullsh*t.

Horny Melon3398d ago

The hand held has been out since 2005. As far as multimedia devices 4-5 years is a long time. Here is hoping Sony is smart enough to include phone functionality in it.

f7897903397d ago

I want them to focus on the gaming aspect. Not a useless feature jacking up the price.

ThanatosDMC3397d ago

They might include a phone functionality just so that we could use the network for wifi connection to the PSN and be able to connect around the world with other PSP2s.

I just hope, if they do... it's T-mobile cuz i got unlimited everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.