White Knight in danger of a delay?

PS3Center writes:

Experience! Playstation is a popular Japanese convention held at Tokyo towards the end of the year, every year. This is the event where SCEJ shows of all the major PlayStation titles being released before the end of the year.

Whats peculiar about the line up is that White Knight Chronicles will not be at the showing. With less than a month until it's Japanese release and all the marketing SCEJ has put behind the title, its startling that the title won't be playable at the event. Could LEVEL-5's highly anticipated exclusive be in for a delay?

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SixTwoTwo3398d ago

You remembered that too lol

vitz33398d ago

Wow, I've only been studying japanese for about a month, but I can read most of that already.

Also putting a question mark at the end of every article's title is getting really stupid.

Dir_en_grey3398d ago

On the official site it says the secret release party on 12/10 will have playable demos right before the release date.

I approved the story but after reading this I'm pretty sure it's not gonna get delayed at all.

Kyur4ThePain3398d ago

The whole question mark things is stupid. It's cropping up everywhere in "journalism".
Take this article...instead of just reporting that the game will not be shown, they have to go and try to make up their own version of the story by going one step further.
It's a question...why are you asking me a question? Aren't you supposed to be supplying the informaiton?

Just give the facts.

Parapraxis3398d ago

I think it's call "Game Jornalism?" now.

RememberThe3573398d ago

I would think that they would rather work on the game then take time to through together a demo.

And if they're having this launch party, then why would they show it earlier.

Jihaad_cpt3398d ago

That's how proper game journalist write. Example: "I dislike Microsoft business model?"

Zeevious3398d ago

Author with no Facts, Industry Contacts, or Credibility?
True . . . or Absolutely True?


A journalist doesn't ask more questions than they answer.

Sitdown3397d ago

see the problem with the question mark. For me it is symbolic of a potential rumor in which enough information can not be gathered to confirm or deny in an attempt to get the news out, you do so with the disclaimer by way of a question mark.

Kyur4ThePain3397d ago

That's just it...there is no news to get out.
They're making it up.

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jack who3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

its called teh Waitstation 3 for a reason you no

Kamikaze1353398d ago

I see somebody has failed their English class quite a few times.

rucky3398d ago

They don't call them xbots for nothing you know.

pwnsause3398d ago

maybe if someone learned their Foriegn language skills (primarly Japanese) they would realize that level-5 is going to throw some sort of party this December for the launch of this game.

Danja3398d ago

well atleast Jack who....gets to play Last Remnant first while us PS3 owners wait for the better version...

in the mean time..WKC will be out...and will show the bots..what a next gen suppose to be..

MiloGarret3397d ago

Look at the first post in the gamer zone.

n to the b3397d ago

I thought the early White Knight trailer I saw looked absolutely amazing. that is, until the kid transforms PowerRanger-style into that RIDICULOUS uber-white-knight-mech thing. thanks, but I'm not 5yrs old so I'm going to pass...

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pp3398d ago

Waitstation 3
DelayStation 3
Pissstation 3
Sh*tstation 3

Gue13398d ago

so sh1t that you can't stop looking for PS3 articles....

ppthefag3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

I pp am a [email protected] They call me pp because i have a 'Peepee' (little) d!ck. I don't get any pu$$y from chicks so i troll PS3 stories all day.

All i play is Gayble 2 and Queers of War 1.5. I wish i was 15years old so Cliffy B can bum me all day.

Yours Trully,

darkwing3398d ago

Someone failed Japanese lessons indeed

Tony6003398d ago

I didnt care for MGS 4,Resistance 2,Uncharted,R&C:ToD,Motors torm etc.This game looks like a cheap ps2 game in my eyes,nothing special,a typical JRPG.Guess what?I have only two Ps3 games:Oblivion GOTY and Folklore.I am going to buy LittleBigPlanet today,my third ps3 game.

Xbox Street Gang3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

And...? You expect to hurt someones' feelings?

Cheap gamers are already a fail...

elorm93398d ago

And yet you don't care about this game?

gamfreak3398d ago

If you don't care for this game kindly don't leave any comments about it, i know i know it your freedom to do whatever you want but please don't embarras yourself. Nobody gives a sh*t about what you think about this game. Go find something to do.