TWG Nintendo: Monster Lab Review

Tha Square - It's alive… It's ALIVE! …Or at least it will be just as soon as you throw the switch in Monster Lab! With helpful mentors by your side and a couple of laboratories at your disposal, you'll become nuttier than Dr. Frankenstein in no time! When an exceptionally madder than usual scientist, Baron Mharti, plots to take over Uncanny Valley and all its manmade monstrosities, you must rise to the occasion and put his devilish plans to rest. Collect and use ingredients from vanquished villains and mastered minigames to build a beast worthy enough to stand up to the Baron's concoction. Fight your way through his masses of mindless minions to ignite a confrontation and knock him down a peg! Experimentation is the name of the game and the science lab is only as far as your Wii!

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