Rumor: Resistance 3 Logos

Beefjack: Today I've received news on a new rumour, this time about Resistance 3, yes you heard me right, RESISTANCE 3. I know that Resistance 2 has just been released in UK/Europe today and this may seem premature, but this news comes from the same person who gave me the rumour on the MGS4 Expansion Pack, which became a hot topic of discussion....

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krouse933462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Jack Who?


Yea JackaSs.

pwnsause3462d ago

say the guys who owns a console with the most flops so far. THe latest flop: Last Remnant.

tatotiburon3462d ago

hahahha the biggest flops of the decade, LAIR and Haze, even too human couldn't beat them, check metacritic LOL, Flop in reviews and i don't want to talk about all the games that FLOP in sales hahaha

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Nitrowolf23462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Just a Warning there some spoiler in this

where are the files?
cause if those 2 are them, then anyone could have made those. I think its still a bit 2 earlir to say anything right now. Obviously there will be a 3rd

Jerkapotamus3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

February 2009 for a Resistance 2 reveal? February seems more of an apt time to reveal the next Ratchet game which comes out in 2009. Revealing a game in February 2009 and then releasing in late 2010 makes no sense.

The whole Resistance 3 supposed plot sounds about what I expected going out of Resistance 2 though.

Sitdown3462d ago

"Revealing a game in February 2009 and then releasing in late 2010 makes no sense. "

You must do not keep up with Killzone 2....when did the first target video come out, and how long before the actual release? The problem I see is, why reveal any part of a game now.....but then not give appropriate advertising to a game(Resistance 2) that is out now? I am not sure that I have seen a single commercial for Resistance 2. Haha, as I am typing this a commercial for Prince of Persia on the ps3 just came on.

Qbanboi3462d ago

Wow, i just ate the whole damn spoiler... =[

callahan093462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

The logo for R2 has the San Francisco bridge within it, which signifies that the majority of the game takes place in America, and that the events that take place in R2 are all set up by occurrances in San Francisco

*minor spoilers*
that's where Malikov was giving injections and tests to Jordan Sheperd, where Daedalus was "born".
*end spoilers*

So there is a building in this new R3 logo, too. If it's real, it would be worth figuring out what building that is and it could lead to some clues about where major events in the sequel will take place. Anybody recognize the building?

(If this is a fake logo, it could very well be nothing, but it's worth a look I think)

Jerkapotamus3462d ago

Geurilla Games isn't working on two games at once. Insomniac will be more interested in promoting the next Ratchet game, which we know nothing about except that it's coming.

Sitdown3462d ago

of the point that you are making in response to my point.

Ju3462d ago

Insomniac has two studios now. They can work on two games at the same time.

Elimin83462d ago

Is an #$$ wipe... least he/she could have done is have a spoiler warning whether this claim is true or false. Especially giving up the ending like that for those who haven't finished the second one yet.......

Danja3461d ago

I doubt Insomniac is gonna announce February....if so...thats good news..

PS3 FTW3461d ago

He basically took everyone on the forums thoughts and called them "a rumor"

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lociefer3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

if there will be really a R3 this soon i hope they implement 120 players online with vehicles support , just imagine 120 ppl killing the shlt outta each others with alien / human vehicles roaming around . HARDCORE

Doppy3462d ago

I think R3 need to be a better mix of R1 and R2. R2's gameplay is a lot better than part 1, but the storytelling and the feel of R1 was much better than R2. R1 and R2 feel like 2 different games set in the same universe (but they both are really really good). Just balance the 2 games better.

I didn't like Cappelli. I mean he doesn't have a lead character feel, to me he's was just a sidekick. I mean Hale isn't a huge standout character, but he feels like a leader more so than Cappelli. I think the writers need to do a better job at developing the story, and find a way to seamlessly bring Hale back without being corny (the Chimeran healing thing is what I thought would work also). If you get to play with Hale I think they should add a new gameplay mechanic allowing you to be more chimera-like. The single player needs to be flushed out more, because R2 just flopped too much out in one cutscene, and I like my story to gradually unfold (it keeps me going).

Co-op is great (maybe 12 player this time), just make it more dynamic. As of now you constantly know what to expect (Oh Grims are coming soon, or get ready for a Titan). Make it more of a surprise. Online is great too, and I expect you to take it from 60 player to some obscene number (no less than 80, but expect at least 120 player). I agree with the guy above, R3 should have vehicles, but not insanely strong ones like the Goliath or a Chimeran fleet. I mean Warhawk does a great job balancing vehicles and ground combat (Speaking of which does anyone know if a Warhawk 2 will ever come out). It would be cool to trash around in a Stalker, and those of you who think there will be balancing issues stop think that now because that's what the developers job is to do balance the game (and Insomniac has already proven they can do it).

New weapons, and enemies are a must, and it would be nice to bring a lot of them back. The Howler (those big dog things from R1), The Slipskulls (the ones that jumped from wall to wall in R1), the Huge Spider bubble spitting hing from R!, the angels from R1, and the thing that jump on you and bite you were all really cool, but sadly missing from R2.

Just make everything bigger, better, and more more more Bad @$$ (as Cliffy says), and R3 will serve us well. Hire me Insomniac and I guarantee R3 will be the best shooter ever.

Sevir043462d ago

the ending for this game is revealed. dont read it... any way. while i believe R3 is already in development i for one second dont believe that R3 will be shown almost a year off. Insomniac will show the game when it's just 9 months from release. which puts the New ratchet game at the for front.. resistance 2's reveal was february 2008 with game informer magazine, ratchet should follow suit this year.

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