Does The Revamped Alone In The Dark: Inferno Deliver?

PSXE writes

"Earlier this year, the highly anticipated Alone in the Dark launched to highly disappointing reviews. The Xbox 360 version was only mediocre and the PS2 version was absolute trash, which is why PlayStation 3 owners weren't so annoyed that their version was delayed. At that point, it was like...who cares?"

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tocrazed4you3523d ago

Ironic how most of the times ps3 games get delayed, or is a worse version it always comes from a bad game and a bad developer? Kinda funny because bad developer plus issues with ps3 makes a delay = bad developers suck at developing.

Wolf8733523d ago

This version of AITD is much better than its other versions. At least this game involves some innovative gameplay than rehashing same old ideas. Even though not all of them work to full perfection, some do work to playable degrees. So, what if its story is B-movie type, the game is fun, at least better than Silent Hill which didn't deliver as expected, not in respect to horror (which is done nicely in SH), but in respect to innovative gameplay. Even Siren beat Silent Hill this time, though I'm saddened cause I'm a extreme fan of SH series, I was disappointed this installment was mediocre.