Rumor Killers: PSP 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and Afrika

The first details on the PSP 2, a new setting for Assassin's Creed, and a possible release date for National Geographic: Afrika as we come out of our turkey comas.

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ihaten4glol3376d ago

I didn't particularly enjoy the first Assassin's Creed but I finished it anyway. A new setting would be more interesting.

Nitrowolf23376d ago

i didnt enjoy it much either. Hopefully they will make it so you dont do the same thing again and again.

Danja3376d ago

I enjoyed the 1st AC..other than the repetitive missions and shallow combat system the game was fun...and the story was really interesting im more than looking forward to the sequel...

Elimin83376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

It really was one of those games that you like or think you like, was not so good but you still enjoyed and come off not knowing how you really feel about it..... At least that's how I feel. I think.... Looking forward to the next...... interesting story... hopefully they work more on the fighting mechanics.

Itrguy0013376d ago

after i got screwed by my cousin and he restarted my file i quited AC got Pissed

RememberThe3573376d ago

Am I the only one who actually liked Assassin's Creed.

Itrguy0013376d ago

nah i liked it till i got screwed i was like fck this after that happened

Nitrowolf23376d ago

I liked it, but i didnt enjoy it. Does that make sence? Cause it really doesnt to me.

cereal_killa3376d ago

I liked AC but found it very repetitive, I thought it was my understanding that AC was to be a trilogy so I'm not surprised that they announced a 2nd game

barom3375d ago

As I was greatly anticipating the first AC. I was also greatly disappointed. There were some stuff that it did really well (mainly the atmosphere and free running) but everything else it kinda failed. I mean you had THREE HUGE CITIES and you could do absolutely NOTHING in each one. I mean you could randomly kill people on the street. Maybe once or twice you would run into people to protect but that was it.

They could've at least tried to add in something else, like the ability to act like a real assassin (kill for money) or something like the top 10 wanted list in GTA IV (which also btw was a big disappointment) and give us some reason to play around. Give us some stealth gameplay or something. Give us the ability to upgrade our weapons or buy new ones or just something more than collecting some useless flags.

No Way3375d ago

I rather enjoyed the first Assassins Creed. Sure, the game got repetitive, but, eh, it was still fun, to me at least..

I'm probably one of the few that are actually looking forward to the sequel.

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Socomer 19793376d ago

it came with god of war, syphon filter from psn & superbad!


Its like a mini ps3 in my hand!

iggypop1233376d ago

assasins creed was good. they just need to fix the combat system. its pathetic. its basically wait all day to counter enemies. if you just attack, enemies block in an amazing rate. just make the combat system like a devil may cry and god of war combination and the game is perfect

LethalToxins3376d ago

I liked Assassin's Creed. It's not like it's any more repetitive than a GTA game...

I think Afrika sounds like a snore fest. You'd have much more fun buying a real camera and sneaking photos of that hot collegiate cheerleader... Oh, nevermind, I think that's considered stalking...

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