Loot-Ninja: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Review

Loot-Ninja writes: "Everyone knows that this game was gonna be pretty. And with the Anime-style 1080p HD makeover from UDON Entertainment, it most certainly is. But the extra mile was put in when the controls, hit detection and timing were tightened up. Balancing between characters is also really improved. And that I was not expecting. The choice is also available between Classic and Remix gameplay and music - though I do enjoy the fact that the new additions in these areas aren't too new. The updated graphics are accompanied by the classic animations and the sounds aren't overdone - leaving everything perfectly familiar, yet new. Online multiplayer with an eight-person tournament, in-depth stat tracking and worldwide rankings/leaderboards arranged by character and country make an appearance".

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MIA3433d ago

10/10, wouldn't expect nothing less, SSFIITHDR FTW =)