Ten Ton Hammer: An Interview with Creative Labs

With the holiday season underway and Christmas sales being tossed left and right, many gamers and gaming families are often left with only a few ways to discern the right sort of gaming hardware for them, including holiday buying guides and general hardware reviews. However, while some products may be perfect for computer gamers that play RTSes or FPSes, they may not be the optimum solution for massively multiplayer online gamers. Getting a BB gun for Christmas may be great, but what if it turns out that we really wanted the "Red Rider" BB gun?

Since this is a dilemma that strikes every holiday season, the staff at Ten Ton Hammer has opened our doors and they are welcoming any gaming products – software and hardware alike – to plead their case to you, the MMO gaming public. The first takers during the holiday season were the folks at Creative

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