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Submitted by Omega4 2634d ago | news

REPORT: Consumers Find Blu-Ray A Turn-Off

It's being touted as new must-have technology, but so far Blu-ray DVD has failed to catch on. This Christmas though, manufacturers of these new super high-quality DVD players and discs expect big things as prices fall. (PS3, Tech)

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ThatCanadianGuy  +   2634d ago
Misleading title.Blu-ray is only going up & up.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2634d ago
It should say...
REPORT: European and Japanese Consumers Find xBox 360's DVD Drive and Console A Turn-Off!!! ;)
earwax  +   2634d ago
Nobody is trying to get a BR player or a PS3 like this!
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2634d ago
4 disagree's? lol i guess 4 people didn't read the article..
GiantEnemyLobster  +   2634d ago
Bluray, yet another FLOP
Almost as big of flop as UMD discs, LOL.

Downloadable Media will kick blurays little butt. Microsoft has already proven this by adding the EXTREMELY popular NETFLIX service exclusive to Xbox 360 owners. Sorry PStards.. have fun with your $30 movies while I can download mine in the same quality for $7 a month. LOL, I WIN.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2634d ago
LOL! i forgot how many idiots plague the open zone.
sak500  +   2633d ago

Why do you have your childrens picture in the avatar?
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strotee  +   2633d ago
"same quality"

Oh my, did you just say downloaded movies from Netflix are equivalent to Blu-ray in terms of quality? lol You need to either upgrade from your 19" Walmart-special TV or get better glasses.
zag  +   2633d ago
Yeah great!

720P movies for $7 and last for 24 hours before they are auto-deleted.

I got to say I liked the bit where MS proved how everyone on the planet downloads their movies off the netflixs only on a 360.

The sad thing is 99.9% of the total population wouldn't even have a 360 in the first place.

I take it you run around and actually tell people this BS too... don't you?

And they walk away thinking your a d**khead.
MaximusPrime  +   2634d ago
credit crunch is to blame.

imo Bluray is a child. come back in 2 years
Kaneda  +   2634d ago
people are afraid to spend any money right now. Hoepfully next year, consumers confidence will be back.
Danja  +   2634d ago
Which is why Blu Ray already has a 12% market share...not to mention it's selling much faster than DVD at the same time in it's cycle...

and that's why they have already shipped 1 million Dark knight Blu Ray DVD's to retailers...
Atomic  +   2634d ago
the release of DVD format : 1997
DVD becoming a mass market format: 2002-2003

solidsnakus  +   2634d ago
this years black friday suckd.
DaTruth  +   2633d ago
In Canada...
They advertise Black Friday and when you get there the prices are exactly the same. I mentioned this to one of the sales guys and he started to explain while practically running away. Then I mentioned Future Shop had a lower price and another sales guy said they would match it. We went on the internet and once he saw the lower price, the TV was sold out.
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Eddie20101  +   2633d ago
This story is out of the U.K. and I'm Not entirely sure its accurate.
In the rest of Europe Blu-Ray sales are doing very well.

In The United States Blu-Ray Is doing very well with very large gains in sales of players and disk this year, doing better than dvd in its first couple of years on the market.

In Japan it is doing very well also, even better than in the United States.

So the sales of Blu-Ray are on track to eventually replace the DVD format as the prefured Disk format and will be around for a long time to come.
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SaiyanFury  +   2633d ago
Consumers find Blu-ray a turn off eh? I guess that explains why BDs are enjoying the best sales in the last 2 years, because they turn people off.
sparced  +   2633d ago
Freesat & Sky HD slow
If Blu-Ray sales are low in the UK the poor selection of HD TV channels on Sky and Freesat is partly to blame. Once more people are watching Coronation Street in HD without thinking about it they'll of course choose to watch Blockbuster films in the same quality.
nycredude  +   2633d ago
I don't know about anyone else but I as out in force with my brother black Friday and every electronic store i went too I saw a lot of people carrying around Bluray players. I saw Sony and Samsung Bluray players at $199. I think this holiday will be big for The format! Also tons, I mean tons of people bought hd tvs also so eventually Bluray players to follow.

These articles need to stop spelling doom in such an early stage. The market and economy needs time to adjust, it doesn't happen over night, however it will happen as the market is very efficient.
kopicha  +   2632d ago
ppl aint spending too much as of this year only because of recession. honestly only ignorant ppl like you call BD a child. i personally have 2 BD player which one is the infamous PS3 with another from Pioneer. after enjoying my movies on a BD player. i never want to watch DVD again. take your logic else where
Parapraxis  +   2634d ago
The title of this article is an attempt to get hits. Nowhere do they source this claim that consumers find BD a turn off.
I'd like some actual facts, not speculation resulting from a glance at sales trends.
It's the equivalent of saying "Consumers find Farraris a Turn Off" Because they aren't outselling the Ford Focus.
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inane   2634d ago | Spam
Captain Tuttle  +   2634d ago
Just to get hits?
Yeah, because SkyNews is one of those fly-by-night blogs that needs N4G for revenue.
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Parapraxis  +   2634d ago
@ Captain Tuttle
Even if it's not just for hits, the rest of what I stated is true.
It's STILL a baseless claim.
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Gerard Way  +   2634d ago
is failing miserably compared to DVD. DVD, you must remember was MUCH MUCH more expensive in its early stages(or maybe you dont cause youre prolly just a kid). Not to mention it, the PS2/XBOX wasn't around for a while. So for DVD to have as much success as it did EVEN BEFORE PS2 and XBOX was awesome, after PS2 though--it was game over for VHS. Bluray starts off at a decent price(especially if youre getting a PS3), and now the players alone are a lot cheaper than a PS3. So naturally this should be flying off the shelves and selling ALOT faster than it is now, to compare it to DVD. Im sorry, but its behind. I give it a 2 years before its ditched altogether. I mean yeah, they still make CD's, but when was the last time YOU bought one, Para? You know there used to be an HD Audio war right? SACD & HDCD. Who won? MP3--a digital download format. Their little war last about...oh i dont know...a couple years, maybe. History will always repeat itself for those who do not learn from it. We have progressed past 1080p in A/V technology, 1920p is the "new" standard(and it uses a "red" laser, and it will be cheaper than CURRENT UPSCALING DVD PLAYERS. And you know what? Still wont matter, b/c digital downloads will rock that sh*t to.

So this is why bluray isnt so hott---its not selling nearly as well as it should be(especially with the prices being their lowest ever). Get off your White Sony Pony, and get a life.

Yeah DVD, was a crazy epic fail....dumb@$$

@ FISHY AGAIN: Sorry buddy. Hit me up if you need an Ipod or something bud.

@Callahan: Im ashamed I called fishy a dumb@$$. *slaps himself*

@OnslaughtX: you can buy a terabyte of external storage for less than 150 bucks now(less than 100 on deal days). I think 500gb would do as a standard though. and most settop boxes have usb ports and will play your content from the drive. Its closer than you think man. Like I said, 2 years. And ALOT happen in 2 years. I like you. Your arguments are somewhat supportive in a way. Like CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Not like these other brats. You got an Ipod? I bet you could use some kick ass speakers for it. hit me up.

@DAVEY BOY: Hey buddy, do me a favor, please? STFU. The adults are talking.
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callahan09  +   2633d ago
@ Captain Tuttle:

The article's actual title is Blu-Ray Fails to Catch On. It was Omega4, who contributed this article to N4G, that changed the title to Consumers Find Blu-Ray A Turn-Off. It's a misleading title, it's not the title of the sourced article, and the claim made in this fabricated title is NOT made in the actual article. Omega4 has made up this title for the following reason:

Because he wants to elicit a reaction from N4G'ers so that his submission gets a lot of hits, thereby increasing the degrees of his story so he gets more contributor points.

@ Gerard Way:

Uhh, Fishy was being sarcastic. Also, DVD players first hit the consumer market in 1997, and it was easy to find a player for 100 dollars or less by the year 2000, 3 years later. It's been 2 and a half years since Blu-Ray disc players were launched for consumer retail, and it's still very hard to find one for less than 200 dollars. Also, remember that the DVD player had no competition in increasing its market share. It was only competing against the age-old VHS format. Blu-Ray was, until just 10 months ago, competing against DVD as well as HD-DVD, which should have made it grow at a slower rate than DVD, but it has actually grown at a larger rate (and in a more volatile consumer market at that). Nice try attempting to downplay the successes of the Blu-Ray format, but it just isn't a viable argument.
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xwabbit  +   2633d ago
Agreed with you
DiabloRising  +   2633d ago
LOL Gerard.

So the format with superior quality that owns 12% of the market will fail to digital downloads, the format that is missing special features among other things, and has less than 1% of the market?

Nice logic. Sure, DD will take over, all we need is...

- People to ditch wanting physical formats
- Cheap, 1 terabyte + storage that can conveniently be taken from home to home
- Improved methods of downloading said movies
- Better internet infrastructures and speeds across the country
- Web access for people who have no internet access
- More lax DRM features
- Special features akin to those on DVD and BD

But once all that happens... sure.
Daver  +   2633d ago

shut up yourself dude...the new standard like you call it wont affect anything, its too late now people are not all tech geek, they just want to watch movies in hi def, and it is just starting, theres a lot of people without hd tv yet, it takes time to introduce something new but if theres something consumers dont want is confusion.
And about digital distribution its still far away, years away and a lot of people will still prefer a physic copy over this, its gonna be way tougher to introduce than you think
Daver  +   2633d ago

i totally agree with you
DiabloRising  +   2633d ago
@ Gerard...

I try to be only a semi ass when I see a silly argument. ;-) In all seriousness, I just don't think movies will catch on as downloadable content in the same manner as music because of differences in size, quality, and special features. Also, the fear of having all your movies stolen or wiped out due to one drive failure is a big one, and with services being sticklers for things like that (one DL then you're done!) I just think there are many obstacles in the way of it taking over. I think BD, DVD, and Downloads will co-exist for a while. I'm not going to call out a pure winner or loser, because the market doesn't necessarily have to work that way, and things can change fast.

All I know is, BD is way above the "HD" content offered on Netflix and other services, and I'm glad I started picking up movies in that format. Now I just want them to drop the price a bit for players and movies... and get Lord of the Rings EE out!
Eddie20101  +   2633d ago
Garard Way you are seriously miss informed and don't have a clue as to what you are talking about.
thereapersson  +   2633d ago
@ Gerard Way
I'm pretty sure that Fishy was being sarcastic. Then again, you seem to be taking this thing way too seriously, and your seemingly intense hatred for all things Sony related shows through in your post.

BTW, Digital Downloads have a LONG way to go before they can come close to matching the fidelity of Disc-Based media, not to mention that you end up with compression artifacts and blocking in fast moving scenes. Also, with the current trend of ISP's imposing bandwidth limits on their customers, how do you think direct-view HD services will fare?

Most people don't want to sit and download a 50GB movie. And those 7-8 GB compressed Blu-Ray rips don't count, because you know that's a monumental PQ loss.
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Parapraxis  +   2633d ago
Gerard, please don't call me "parabrat", I'm no child, I'm 28. It's obvious who is the kid here. Your argument is so poorly constructed I don't think you yourself understand what you are trying to say.
You DEFINATELY don't belong in the Gamer Zone, heck you'd be lucky to be in Open Zone, you are childish and insulting and absolutely un-informed on the subject of distribution methods for audio and video.
pixelsword  +   2633d ago
You said, and I quote:

"(Blu-Ray)is failing miserably compared to DVD. DVD, you must remember was MUCH MUCH more expensive in its early stages(or maybe you dont cause youre prolly just a kid). Not to mention it, the PS2/XBOX wasn't around for a while. So for DVD to have as much success as it did EVEN BEFORE PS2 and XBOX was awesome,"

So by your logic, The 360 is a failure, because:

1. PS3, you must remember, is MUCH MUCH more expensive in it's early stages

2. The PS3 (or Blu-Ray itself) wasn't around for a while

3. So, for PS3 to have as much seccess as it did EVEN BEFORE price-drops was awesome.
DaTruth  +   2633d ago
I was just about to buy a PS3, but then the salesperson told me it had bluray and I was completely turned off, so I decided to get a 360. LOL!!
nycredude  +   2633d ago
@ Gerard
You're an idiot for stating BS without backing it up. Especially when it isn't true. For your info Bluray adoption is better than DVD adoption. Get your fact straight. Regarding digital downloads? I don't know what world you live in but in my world it takes forever to download an hd movie so take your bs somewhere else.
Raoh  +   2634d ago
soul899er  +   2634d ago
LOL oh look! It's an Omega4 post! how pathetic >_>
Fishy Fingers  +   2634d ago
Blu-ray has a better adoption rate than DVD. Ha, and what an epic fail DVD was huh....
#5 (Edited 2634d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
sinny  +   2634d ago
Blu Ray discs are not expensive , the difference in quality over a dvd its a lot.
But well, the mayority of people don't have a HD screen so that could be the answer.
inane   2634d ago | Spam
INehalemEXI  +   2634d ago
yup, scratch resistant coating ftw.
Theoneneo81  +   2634d ago
agree the rpice rise is about the same to rember dvds costing this much when they were out some places are more then blu ray if you dont go to places like target etc
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2634d ago
Oh,it's an Omega4 post.No wonder it's complete B.S
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2633d ago
By the way.

This just proves what a revolting liar of a troll omega4 is.
Blu-ray is doing better then ever.
AuToFiRE  +   2634d ago
it took a few years for dvd to catch on, bluray is no different, bluray is still very young and has many years ahead
Kyur4ThePain  +   2634d ago
What's wrong, Omega?
Did you see good PS3 news coming down the line?
TomMcBaum  +   2634d ago
The only turn-off is the complexity relative to DVD
I just bought my second Blu-Ray player (a Samsung BD-P1500), but you just have to take a look at the AVS Forum thread about this model to see why Blu-Ray's not quite ready for "the mass market" yet. People need to update their firmware to play certain titles (usually for reasons related to the "dynamic" copy protection system), a workaround is necessary to hide the "BonusView" overlay window, some people find they need to leave a USB thumbdrive plugged in at all times or turn off the Internet access features to play certain titles, and other such nonsense. Thankfully the PS3 doesn't seem to suffer from any of this nonsense.
doshey  +   2634d ago
but so far Blu-ray DVD has failed to catch on
wow what a fail article blu ray and dvds are not even in the same league
jack who  +   2634d ago
bu bu bu bu bu teh celll
DJ  +   2634d ago
That's two L's. Not three.
cr33ping_death  +   2634d ago
le le le le learn to spe spe spe spell.
doshey  +   2634d ago
good lord it is amazing how dumb people are, what the hell does the cell have to do with blu-ray
Magic_The_Celt  +   2634d ago
bu bu bu bu bu teh pill

is what your mum said the day she found out she was pregnant.
Gaara_724  +   2634d ago
2.4 that was classic lol
running rampid  +   2634d ago
credit crunch. doesn't bother me wether it catches on or not, i got blu-ray, and it's a thousand times better than standar dvd.
ViceKingz  +   2634d ago
lol @ title
and they end up mentioning alot of positive things for BRD in that article
felidae  +   2634d ago
hmm. i'm thinking about Mini Disc and Betamax
DJ  +   2634d ago
You're mad that iPod won? Sheesh.
Minidisc was an audio storage device, so not sure how you connected the dots there. You also forgot to mention UMD, VCD, and DIVX (not to be confused with DivX).
#15.1 (Edited 2634d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
anubis12  +   2634d ago
love my blu-ray...but the last thing he said is true

Blu-ray is a confusing format for most people because ultimately, it looks the same as a DVD. It's a disc that you put in a machine and it plays a film for you.

"It just offers a better quality and that's a difficult thing to sell compared to DVD over VHS."
DJ  +   2634d ago
Yup, that's the hardest thing about the marketing.
They need to emphasize the scratch resistant coating; that's a big deal for a lot of people.
rawd  +   2634d ago
If an upconverted DVD looks the same to you as a Bluray disc, it's time to upgrade that 17" CRT you are watching it on
PirateThom  +   2634d ago
rawd, he's not talking about the image quality, he means it's still a 12cm CD that goes into a disc drive.

VHS to DVD was a clear difference in the shape, size and type of media, DVD to Blu-ray is less clear.
DJ  +   2634d ago
I still remember the first blu-ray disc i bought
I got freaked out 'cause it was transparent. But yeah, that's about the only difference between that and DVD in terms of physicality.
PirateThom  +   2634d ago
I never bought my first Blu-ray movie... Sony sent me Casino Royale free for signing up for PSN... got me hooked on the damn things.
killalot100  +   2634d ago
not to the store i went to
they sold out on every bd player that had sales.
Zulwarn  +   2634d ago
in other words
Consumers Find Bs3 A Turn-Off its basically the same thing a cheap BR player
earwax  +   2634d ago
You are right...."basically the same thing a cheap BR player "
And THAT is the ONLY reason the PS3 has sold as many as it has. You better thank the stars Best Buy and the like pushed the PS3 as a cheap BR player.
NickIni  +   2634d ago
Then what the hell is the 360? A cheap, no, expensive DVD player?
Zulwarn  +   2633d ago
The Xbox 360 is the gaming console where consumers enjoy fine addiction of AAA games where consumers are also given the option to use it as a multimedia system

"Best Buy and the like pushed the PS3 as a cheap BR player"
indeed because retailers knows selling bs3 as a BR player is the only way to empty the bs3 stock that is piling up even then retailers have hard time selling BS3's EG: Consumers Find Blu-Ray A Turn-Off
#18.3 (Edited 2633d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
twoface  +   2633d ago
Huh? You're trying to explain the ps3 is selling as much as it is because Best Buy and such are promoting it as a cheap BR player?
A cheap BR player that is more expensive than a machine that has its fanbase addicted to HAHAHA games and also acts as a multi-media center at the same time?

Read your comments again, then look at this year's sales figure of the cheap BR player and the cheaper (supposedly) multi-media/gaming behemoth that overheats sometimes.

If this is the case, it doesn't seem BR fails at all, isn't it?
DJ  +   2634d ago
Like we said before.
Blu-ray adoption depends on PS3 and the HDTV markets. Simple as that.
UltimateIdiot911  +   2634d ago
Really? I guess he doesn't slickdeal. As far as I know, a load of bluray has been sold in the last 2 days. Heck, I had trouble snagging a copy of Planet Earth and Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy on for 38 each.
MetalProxy  +   2634d ago
lots of assuming here. I assuming VHS will have a come back. Tape is better than DVD. I can buy a VHS alot cheaper (20 cents) compaired to 5-8 dollars. /sarcasm
RAF-TECH  +   2634d ago
Well..right now...
my PS3 is turned off
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2634d ago
Well..right now im using my 360 as a foot warmer for the long Canadian winter ahead :)
DJ  +   2633d ago
MetalProxy  +   2633d ago
My 360 will never be turned on again :)
Itrguy001  +   2633d ago
Canadianguy Bit\hed slapped Raf-Tech? dam swear filter
Sergeant Osiris  +   2633d ago
what RAF is really saying
I spent money on a PS3 and I go on the internet to make claims about how I never use it. Yes Im an idiot.
Revvin  +   2634d ago
Sky news, says it all really. No facts to back the claim because they know if they post it up people will take it as fact because its come from a big news site - a big news site that is part of a corporation that is trying to push its HD satellite HD boxes into people's homes which includes many subscription based movie channels so of course they won't want to promote a disc format.
kewlkat007  +   2634d ago
I remember how it was when VHS to DVD transition took place
Waited for a cheap DVD player and bought the player with 2 movies and connected it to my TV.

Now with Blu-Ray

You can get the cheaper PS3 that does the job and plenty Hardcores have..

But you also need an 1080P TV to go along with it. While there is a noticeable difference from DVD to Blu-Ray, it is not as it was from VHS to DVD + you need a HDTV.

The average guy is still alright with DVD definition and is not gonna go crazy all the sudden and BURN 200+ DVD titles after taking years to find and to bargain for certain titles.

The Format is crisp and looks good but the price SUCKS. Again, to the average consumer, well is it THAT GOOD?
Itrguy001  +   2634d ago
Its from Omega4 so im not very surprised.
DiabloRising  +   2634d ago
Since Transformers, I have purchased 16 BDs... and Dark Knight is next.

I hate being a videophile.
bviperz  +   2633d ago
X, check out
CG movies on BD. Now thats where you can tell the biggest difference in image quality IMO.
DiabloRising  +   2633d ago
Oh I grabbed Wall-E, and I can't wait for Advent Children. I'm a little worried about the Dark Knight aspect shifts being mandatory for the Imax filmed bits, but I heard it works great... gah just a few more days!
Brixxer600  +   2633d ago
@ 7.2
Do not worry about the aspect shift in the Imax parts of Dark Knight, they work perfectly and even enhance the overall movie experience.

Yes i have my Dark knight BD and yes i know i'm a very lucky B*******.

I use a UK store which gets region1 from the USA, they always ship 2-3 weeks early, i received my Dark Knight this past Thursday.
TheAverage360Fanboy  +   2633d ago
Bwooway FAILS

sak500  +   2633d ago
Betaumdbluraystation3 flopped.
Betaumdbluraystation3 flopped.
user9422077  +   2633d ago
Blue-Ray is the future of Movies.

jack who  +   2633d ago
ya its soooooo hard for Blu-ray Sales Sail To All-Time Highs when sales have been crap to start with
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2633d ago
How have they been "Crap" Blu-ray is adopting faster then DVD did.
It's increasing month after month.

And that link just proves this misleading headline wrong.
Of course you'd know that if you weren't a cum sucking 360 fanboy.
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