Ars Review: Touchgrind brings finger-boarding to the iPhone

Ars writes: "While the simple touch and motion control potential of the iPhone has been exploited by a great number of games and apps, multi-touch games are still in their infancy. One of the slickest multi-touch games leading the charge is Touchgrind, a neat, little skateboarding game which combines the powerful interface of multi-touch with a real-time physics engine.

Almost a digital version of finger-boards, Touchgrind is essentially a skateboarding app of sorts that is both a toy and a simulator at the same time. Players position their two fingers on an on-screen board and then mimic the motions of a skater's legs with their fingers to execute tricks. For example, to Ollie, a player lifts their "leading" finger and then in succession their "main" finger on the board. The game has a solid physics engine which makes the board react realistically."

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