Resistance 2 Advertising Takes Over Dublin Newspapers

Kotaku: Sony scares the living shit out the nice folks in Dublin. Ireland today, will full page advertisements for Resistance 2 masquerading as front page stories declaring "America Under Attack!"

Kotakuite Cyruss sends us full scans of the four-page wrap-around that lovingly embraced the actual free Dublin morning papers Metro and Herald AM. Stories range from the front-page spectacular to a scientific analysis of the Chimera and a letter from the President of the United States to the American people, urging them to band together against the Chimera threat.

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chasuk083374d ago

Same. I hope this version of the metro comes to other parts ok the UK. Actually does anyone know if this was just Dublin ??? Or was it everywhere ?

prunchess3374d ago

Picked mine up today in Starbucks, Harcourt Street, Dublin today.

I really want this game but I'll have to wait until payday next week.

psnSkareFace3374d ago

dublin is not in the uk its in ireland!!!

Bathyj3374d ago

Thats brilliant.

Orsen would be proud.

Austin_SJ3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

Who said directly Ireland was in the UK? He meant that the metro came out in the UK as well, which it does. No need to do the typical "Don't confuse us with our neighbour thing" it's an easy mistake to make.

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BrunoM3374d ago


ok thats just funny lol....

ps3king3374d ago

A full front page advertisement on newspapers about the R2.

Mini-Billboards for Little Big Planet.

The Unleash the PS3 commercial is also another HIT.

These are the things that turn heads and Sony's got some creative ideas to market these things.

I'm just happy that there are no more "PSP/Playstation" graffiti tags. What a horrible idea. It made Sony look so geeky trying to be urban and what not. You win notoriety through graffiti by not one, but many un-permissioned walls in heavily populated visible areas. PSP tagged on a Beverley hills high-rise looked pathetic.

I'm glad they got to their senses.

Danja3374d ago

I agree...very brilliant one at that.....

poopsack3374d ago

hey thats not funny my uncle balzac teebagch called home crying and screaming "oh my nephew did the aliens hurt you? that is a very very bad!"

chasuk083374d ago (Edited 3374d ago )

It was gunna happen to someone

fopums3374d ago

I see wut u did thar....

poopsack3374d ago

im glad someone did 0_0

BrianC62343374d ago

Are you joking? Newspaper is so old fashioned when it comes to breaking news stories. You'd have to live on an island with no connection to the outside world to believe it.

DevilsJoker3373d ago

Spoiler: His uncles name is Ballsack Teabag.

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ThatCanadianGuy3374d ago

That's some of the best advertising i ever seen!

ps3king3374d ago

I would of loved to have picked up my newspaper and have seen this ad. If it were to be. Especially it advertised in Newspaper Stands!!

It'd were to be of grandscale publicity stunt magnitude!.

But It would have to of had been been a really slow news day for this to occur...

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