NWR: Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

NWR writes: "As the holiday season approaches, many Wii owners are looking for that perfect game to stand alone as the must-have title. That role is usually filled by a great first party offering from Nintendo themselves, which means Animal Crossing should be it this year. Does a barely incremental change over the DS version live up to that sort of billing?

For those that don't know, the Animal Crossing series fits right into the life simulation genre with a focus on collecting things. It doesn't feature an elaborate career mechanic, but it does have hundreds of different things to seek out. These collectible items are closely tethered to a time system that ties in directly with the system clock. When it's winter in real life, there's snow on the ground in the game. In April, more bugs come out for catching. During Halloween, a special event involving pumpkins occurs in your town. When you haven't played in a while, weeds grow all over and the locals bug you, wondering where you have been. This creates the great illusion that the game plays itself when you aren't around."

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