TVG: Flower Sun and Rain Review

TVG writes: "Grasshopper Manufacture inc have made some crazy games over the past few years. They're the developers behind home console titles killer 7 and No More Heroes, and is fronted by self proclaimed 'punk game designer' Suda 51. Flower, Sun and Rain (FSR) is its latest offering on the Nintendo DS and it proudly carries on the tradition of Suda 51's quirky off the wall narrative.

This DS title shares lots in common with titles such as killer 7 and No More Heroes. The guitar strums and synthesiser pad sounds as you navigate menus will feel familiar to anyone who has played the home console offerings of Suda 51. Another incredibly strange aspect of this game, also specifically a nod to killer 7, is that each character's voice is scrambled, reversed and otherwise distorted beyond all recognition. However, unlike killer 7 or No More Heroes, the game's tone is relatively mellow and light hearted".

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