TVG: Naruto: Broken Bond Review

TVG writes: "Ubisoft Montreal's first Naruto game, Rise of a Ninja, was a veritable treasure trove of brilliant storytelling; a mesmerising platform game set in an embracing open world shouldered by some original fighting gameplay that never forgot its source material. The title made last year's TVG Hall of Game, coming in at number 14 on our chart of the year's best games due to it receiving a very high 8 when we reviewed it back in November 2007. We had very good reason for this.

Good games can keep you satisfied - they pull out enough tricks over the course of 12 gameplay hours to make sure that your interest doesn't waiver. Great games, on the other hand, produce moments so well put together that they stay with you as memories of pure gaming joy for months, possibly even years after playing them. This is what Rise of a Ninja had in droves, with particularly magical sections such as the Forest of Death remaining with us a long time after our memories of other mid-table Hall of Game titles - the likes of Crysis and Sega Rally - had waned".

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