Kotaku: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

Kotaku writes: "After selling more than 1.8 million copies of the first game, Ascaron Entertainment returns to the world of Ancaria with the release of their new action RPG Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

A prequel to the original title, Sacred 2 takes us 2,000 year backwards to a world in the middle of a struggle over control of T-energy, the source of all life and magic on the planet. As the struggle escalates the energy begins to go out of control, mutating creatures, destroying cities, and generally being a major pain in the ass. Sacred 2 allows players the chance to champion the powers of good, saving the planet, or evil, plunging it into further chaos".

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Raoh3342d ago

sounds good. looking forward to this game when it hits the ps3 shelves.

ud3342d ago

There would be Offline Co-Op for this game on Consoles, can anybody confirm this? Good offline Co-Op games have been lacking this gen, I hope this one is!