GameBoyz: Animal Crossing: City Folk Review

GameBoyz writes: "nimal Crossing has been a staple sim-like game for Nintendo. It first saw a release in Japan on the N64 in 2001 and the series was eventually brought to North American shores in late 2002 on the GameCube. Of course the Nintendo faithful was hooked from day one and Animal Crossing was a huge success. A follow up to the GameCube version was eventually released on the DS in late 2005 called Animal Crossing: Wild World. The addition of some new gameplay elements, most importantly online play, made this portable addition a great sequel of sorts. In July 2008 at their annual E3 conference, Nintendo announced to the world that a Wii version of Animal Crossing would be coming, and once again there would be some additions made to the series. Well that time has come, and Animal Crossing: City Folk has finally been released to the masses. Unfortunately not all is good in Animal Crossing this time around as there is way too much of the same to have the faithful come back and do it all again".

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