Microsoft finally addresses Red Ring of Death with Jasper-based Xbox 360 consoles

From the source: The long-awaited Jasper-based versions of the Xbox 360 have finally emerged on the market. These new consoles have a redesigned motherboard with the new 65-nanometer version of the ATI (now AMD) graphics chip that doesn't run as hot as previous versions. There are other changes that improve the reliability and usability of the system as well.

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tatotiburon3301d ago

RROD was dead from Falcon mainboard, but i wil sell my falcon xbox 360 and get a new jasper, you'll never know

strotee3301d ago

I'm beginning to think that's why certain games are selling equally or better on the PS3 - a fair amount of current 360 owners buy 2-3 consoles due to thinking "but the newer models are better". Obviously there's no way to prove it but I just have a feeling of the 23-24 million 360's, there are 3-5 million purchased out of spite or frustration of repeated RROD's. Watch as the software attach rate moves slower than the hardware sales; this will further prove this theory floating around in the console debates.

Zee3301d ago


I am a end user who traded-in and purchased a second 360 due to reliability issues. I'm a multi-platform owner and wanted to continue to be able to play 360 exclusives. Due to the reliability issues I lean towards purchasing multi-plats on the PS3 unless I read of serious differences. Minor differences do not bug me.

It is very frustrating that I had to purchase twice, but I am a gamer and enjoy playing the 360 along with my other consoles.

Cheers mate.

Game on no matter what machine you have... Fairchild, Vic20, NES, Game Gear to 360/PS3 it really is about the enjoyment gaming brings us no matter the platform.

cmrbe3301d ago

and then you say you never know?.

Even with the falcon there were still alot of PROD reports. I am sure the Jasper will see an improvement but it will never be dealt with unless the x360 sees a complete redesign.

sirbigam3301d ago

This is all they had to bloody do, Looks like it's safe to geta 360 now.

Dino3301d ago

I know right! I've wanted a 360 and now I feel like I can get one without fear of breakdown. Even more games to choose from.

pixelsword3301d ago

Japan would respectfully disagree.

Kaneda3300d ago

you guys still believe the company denied there was no RROD...

SonyOwnsNextYear3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

lol. i thought they said they fixed it in 2006?

rrod will never go away.

expect rrod repairs to be added in as sales. well know the truth about this when ms finally drops support for the 360......which should be within 1.5 years.

If im lying im dying.

gaffyh3300d ago

You know what...I don't believe them at all. There'll probably be a RROD report on the first batches of Jaspers as well.

I hope they do get it fixed, and send everyone with a current 360 a Jasper one instead.

boodybandit3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

The Falcon did not eliminate RROD.
All you have to do is check my history and see that a couple months back my Elite with a Falcon motherboard RROD'd on me. All the Falcon did was decrease the chances of RROD and not eliminate them. Hopefully the Jasper will eliminate the issue completely but only time will tell.

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y0haN3301d ago

I am going to have to get a 360 now, it's just too tempting with all the amazing deals being thrown around!

SonySoldierEternaL3301d ago


+ I need to get my Gears 2 fix

the 1st one was fun

The Matrix3301d ago

Are you kidding? I just bought a 360 TODAY!

Well if I have any trouble with it I'll call MS and hopefully they'll send me a jasper.

Perjoss3301d ago

@ 2.2
its np, if you bought it today you have 3 years warranty starting from today. And if you ever have to send it for repairs theres a good chance you will get one of the new chipset consoles back instead of your own.

The Matrix3300d ago

Yeah that's what I was hoping. thanks and bubbles.

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Danja3301d ago

we'll true this is in time.....but it's about time..M$ did something about the RROD...

GWAVE3301d ago

I thought they "dealt" with the issue with the Falcon boards.....look how that turned out.

I'm still waiting for them to "deal" with disc scratching, total hardware failures, AV cable failures, power brick failures, etc.

3301d ago
GiantEnemyCrab3301d ago

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gano3301d ago

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