Burnout Paradise: Welcome to Big Surf Island

Criterion haven't released anything new on this awesome, premium downloadable content since way back in May, so it's high time Criterion gave you a little update.

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kalel3333430d ago

haha I love criterion !!! This is like the best thing I've seen a game company do seriously, I'm still playing the game thanks to their updates!! They really know how to take care of their customers ! Unlike some...

whoelse3430d ago

I swear this DLC was gonna be free....

castags3430d ago

Anyone who cry's about tossing these guys a couple bucks for their excellent support and what looks to be a bad ass add-on should leave the internet because i'm sure that's all you do, fckn ibtches

thematrix12983430d ago

I think this one is a paid update but rightfully..they deserve some of our quick change IMO

Killjoy30003430d ago

It's a shame this one last update can't be free. Maybe it will after a couple months.

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The story is too old to be commented.