Massively: One Shots: The agony of defeat

Ah, the glorious sweetness of victory - so wonderful when it is theirs; so bitter when it is not. Today's Warhammer Online One Shots breaks their normal guideline for screenshots without UI, but they feel in this case it fits the frenetic battle framed in all that busy information well. That, and they're down to only a few reader-submitted screenshots, so if you've been thinking about sending some screens in, now is an excellent time! This screen comes to them from Doula Doom, who is from the Knights of Terror. Doula writes in and sets the scene for them: "Here we are defending a keep from the sickly sweet goodness that are Order forces. There were at least 60 players in attendance (at least 40 on order and 20 on Destruction), and Order eventually overcame our defence and took the keep."

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