Massively: One Shots: Wait for me

As today marks four years since the launch of World of Warcraft, Massively thought it would be a great time to take at a screenshot that was sent in to them from a World of Warcraft player. Of course, many WoW players seem to be too busy to send screens in, so they instead nabbed this screenshot from someone handy - this blogger's other half! He captured this image when we were heading out into Northrend together. The story you don't know is that the magical crawdad pet careening towards the ground after having fallen off the rug, took roughly a year, three Mr. Pinchys, and easily thousands (if not tens of thousands) of casts to get. Meanwhile, Frosty the frost whelp seems to be putting his bony wings to good use following my Rogue across. Massively just hopes the Druids of DEHTA don't come after us for it.

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